Valentines at the Crystal Room.

The Valentines Series.
(The Finale)

T and I decided to spend Valentines on the 13th because we were planning to go to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Air Base, Pampanga on the 14th (but the plan didn't push through due to unforeseen circumstances).

Last year, T and I had Valentines Dinner in Felix (read my blog entry on Felix).  This year, we spent the evening in this place I've been wanting to try but was always full whenever I try to make reservations.. The Crystal Room.

Even if I search for information, there's not much I can find in the Internet. Why?  I think it's partly because The Crystal Room is located in a hidden corner in 'The Establishment', a place better known for its party scene than its restaurants.  I myself was actually wondering about the location of this secret french restaurant everyone was referring to.  Where was it?

When we arrived, we were led to this door camouflaged among the walls of 'The Establishment' which lead to The Crystal Room.  The place was like a narrow hallway consisting of six half-moon tables on the right and four two-seater tables on the left.  We got the second to the last half-moon table away from the diners.  As soon as we were seated, our server gave us the set menu and poured us a glass of wine.

While waiting, T ordered a drink called Shangri-La (P840) which had Moët Et Chandon and ginger in it.  I know right? Weird combination!


For Valentines dinner, The Crystal Room had a set menu consisting of a 5-course meal (P1,500/$30).  we started out with the Tuna Belly Sashimi on Crispy Pita Crust which is thinly sliced tuna sashimi with wasabi cheese, seaweed flakes, roasted sesame seeds and daikon salad.  T and I both liked it!

Next came the Manila Clam Miso Soup which is simmered clams on japanese miso broth with chopped scallions and lemon zest.  This is something new to me as I have never had clams in my miso soup before.


The third dish served was the Sesame Crusted Goat Cheese Salad with mixed fresh greens and sesame mustard sauce.  T was kind enough to give all the sesame crusted goat cheese on his plate to me.  I.LOVE.CHEESE.


For the main course, I got the Sake Poached Chilean Seabass with Scallion Chili Glaze.  On the side were shimeji mushrooms, green asparagus, ginger and scallion.  To be honest, i was pretty disappointed with this dish.  I wouldn't have a problem with the serving size which is smaller than the palm of my hand if only the seabass were good.  I mean, I love seabass!  But it wasn't any good.  Plus, they served me red wine which obviously didn't go well with it.

On the other hand, T's main course was pretty good.  He got the US Angus Tenderloin Beef Miso Zuke which is marinated and grilled beef in white miso with roasted mixed vegetables.  Now, this was tasty!  Although T said he still preferred the dish he ordered from Felix last year.

For dessert, T was happy that Creme Brulee was being served!  Later however, T said it was too sweet even for his taste because of the richness of the white chocolate.  


All in all, The Crystal Room did not live up to the hype of having great cuisine. Too bad because the place is really perfect for romantic dinners.  Ambiance-wise, I give it a two thumbs up.  T and I had fun just talking after dinner before meeting up with a few of our friends in Fiamma.  I guess that's why i'm willing to give the restaurant another try.

Can you see my booboo? :(

The Crystal Room
Dining Date: 13 February 2010

The Establishment
Unit A - The Fort Entertainment Complex
26th Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Tel No.: (632) 844-6364


  1. Hi Joei!

    Fiamma's appetizers are TDF! Tried it out during a college reunion ... I was suitably impressed!

    You are soooo pretty!

  2. nina. i got clumsy! heel got stuck in this little crack on the street so i fell :/

  3. Oh yay...I love that picture of you at the end. I don't think I've seen what you look like before. :-)

    I don't know what love is either, but I can feel it starting to blossom inside.

    And can I just say that the dessert in the top corner of your blog makes my mouth water everytime? Yum...

  4. I'm reminded of D because of the Tuna Sashimi, he'll love that! On the question and your answer about love: it really cannot be defined ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  5. is when you are lost for words to describe how you feel :)

    glad to have you back online, gorgeous! and what a romantic dinner!

    visiting you fomr my other blog. hope you can visit here

  6. treacle. thanks! i rarely post pictures of myself but valentines was a special occasion ;)

    the top picture is a double decker macaron from laduree. heavenly, isn't it?

    russ. this formspring thing is fun. got it from you ;)

  7. kero. i know! so busy. and tomorrow till the weekend will be even busier. about to leave for a trip. anyway, i just visited your other blog. posted a comment :)

  8. I am sorry to hear about your booboo, but never the less, you looked very smart and elegant.

    The food on "paper" looks yummy, and the place looks terribly expensive, but if you enjoyed it, that is all that matters.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my last post, really appreciate you dropping a line.
    Have a fab day!


  9. colin. thanks! it was fun. food not everything was good but ambiance was perfect :)

  10. thankies for returning the visit! i added you to my blog list of the The Pink Zest!

    Re: what about it, i need another blog for my project 365. and i want to talk about other girly stuff. pansin mo naman the other blog is all about family life hihi.

    anyways, hope you could link it up as well when you have the chance.

    btw, why did you went all black for your date? I mean black and gray? kun sabagay, color-coordinated kayo ni dashing T!

  11. I'm glad you had a wonderful valentine's day celebration joei. i love the photo of you and T at the end.

  12. Joei Jo Jo, your restaurant reviews entries never fail to make me hungry. hehe. belated happy valentines to you and timmy. :D

  13. wow looks really like a nice celebration! thanks for sharing the place. saw your booboo! ouchie! hope its really fine now :)

  14. Oh I was wondering what happened to your knee.... :( And I know about the camera flash! Tends to really make thing uhm... funny. I once wore a dress that wasn't really a transparent one, but camera flash did some of its dirty job lol

    Anyways, you looked beautiful regardless!! Too bad the food didn't ;live up to your expectation, but at least you still found the place romantic :)

  15. how about 'em bandages? where did you get them? :p

    you still look great anyway, mother! :D

  16. Joie, you are gorgeous. Seriously, you are!

    It's getting hot in SoCal these days. I hope you get here soon. :-)

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful and romantic valentines evening! I really love your dress as well.

  18. thanks for the lovely comment!!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  19. To me, love is finding the perfect person who makes you believe in the word. Until then, it's just a word. The right person gives it meaning!

    So glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, darling!! :)

  20. will most definitely try The Crystal room one of these days. Food looks amazing! Good to know you had a very romantic (and food-filled) Vday date! :)

  21. hope you had a good dinner spite the booboo knee.. you looked good anyhow :)
    hey i added you in my links :) hope you can add me also so we can frequent each other's blog :)

  22. hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) you know what? love is really hard to define. i feel that love is always changing

    xx lue

  23. Curious about that seabass. I love seabass, but Paul and I usually have it panfried with just salt and fresh ground pepper ;) We love the flavor when it's simple and straightforward that way :)

    Hmmm, parang a fish as delicate as that doesn't sound like it's gonna go well with red wine nga.

    The place does look very romantic, though ;)

  24. kero. oh, i see! :) i'm gonna add up your link right now. will just call it kero's project 365 ok?

    liz. thanks! hope you had a great valentines, too :)

  25. vea. thanks! recently, all we do is eat :)) hope you and dj had a great valentines, too!

    marice. it's healed already. although i'm concerned about the scar :/

  26. julia. oh no! i'm scared of that happening to me. whenever my dress is made up of sheer material, i try to take a picture of myself before i leave. just to make sure that nothing is... 'exposed' just in case its time to take pictures ;)

    koryn. they were c/o T. hahaha!

  27. leah. thanks! ;) i'm packing right now.. so you mean i can pack leggings and just sweaters. although i might go to the bay area.. still cold out there, i heard.

    sherin. thanks! love the dress, too ;)

  28. english rose. you're welcome :)

    erika. oooh. i like your definition of love ;) hope you had a great valentines day as well!

  29. jessica. i hope the food's better without the set menu. hoping to go back one of these days, too :)

    koolaide. sure! added you already :)

  30. lue. no worries lue! i still visit your site nonetheless :)

    kat. it was ok. but icky with the red wine. they should've given me some other choice for my drink (the wine was included in the set).

    we missed you last time! soooo fun! ;)

  31. hey joei !
    hope you're coping with the busy schedule well !
    many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  32. michelle. i'm actually trying to cram packing :)) thanks for taking time to visit!

  33. wow, interesting snapshots of meals as always! they really make me hungry, esp. the tuna soup and the steak. beautiful place, too. what a perfect spot to celebrate valentine's day, and i really like your dress. very feminine!

  34. Mmmmmmmm. That looks delicious and very romantic!

  35. vinda sonata. it was hard to take a photo of the food though. everything was candlelit.. too dark. but thanks ;)

    kristin. it was! :)

  36. Hello Joei! Thanks for the visit! Nothing wrong naman with going out on Vday. I hope to try it next year hehe.. with one of the places you've featured so I know what to order. Take care and enjoy the week.

  37. mommy judy. of course :) enjoy the weekend as well!

  38. Wow this place sounds good! I think 1500 is a reasonable price. I wonder if they offer set menus for days other than Valentine's Day.


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