Sango! The Burger Master.

sango! isn't really a new restaurant since it debuted in 2006.  however, i think it's only recently that  the restaurant has been gaining popularity by opening more branches such as the latest one in powerplant mall, rockwell.

"The journey of bringing Japanese Burgers to the Philippines started with the first Sango store in Creekside Mall, Makati City in 2006. The success of Sango! The Burger Master grew slowly by pure word of mouth among foodies and a loyal Japanese clientele."

we were in powerplant mall in rockwell makati to watch 'princess & the frog' when T craved for a burger.  i was always planning to eat in sango! since last year but for some reason, i never got to doing so.  so last night was my first time in sango! (*gasp*) ;)

as soon as i entered the branch, i knew i was going to like it there.  the ambiance was so light that if i were british, i'd probably say 'delightful!'.   it was also so cute that they had an lcd tv which, at the time we were there, was showing a funny japanese game show.  there was also a shelf with lots of japanese books and dvds.

the staff were all so friendly and efficient, too.  as soon as someone entered the store or stood up from the table, there already was a server waiting to welcome and say hello or clean up.  sango! also had this self-serve thing going on so we approached the counter to see what they had.


there were so many to choose from!  they had burgers, hotdogs, rice meals, fries, salads and dessert.  click on the menu below to see the whole collection.

with so many choices, T and i found it difficult to pick just one thing to eat.  burger?  rice meal?  hotdog?  we were torn.  good thing they had set meals.

set meal #1:
yakiniku burger + fries + soda

set meal #2:
chicken teriyaki burger + fries + soda

set meal #3:
master burger + fries + soda

i got set meal #2 while T got set meal # 3.  i found it interesting that they had unique sodas aside from the usual coke and pepsi products.  there were 3 kinds: honeydew, strawberry and calpis.  the first two i know, the last one was new to my ears. so, i asked the cashier what it was.  she told me calpis was a cross between soy milk and yakult.  i wasn't sure that taste would go well with chicken teriyaki so i chose the strawberry flavored soda instead.  it tasted like a kid's drink.  i loved it!  similar to those frozen slurpees from 7-11.  we didn't have to wait long before our burgers came.

our fries came soon afterwards.  the packs were placed in a cute little straw basket together with a bunch of ketchup packets.  T loved the fries!  made from real potatoes and they were fat fat fat!  we should've ordered the larger one. 


too bad i didn't have any room for dessert.  i wanted to try their strawberry sundae cone.  and maybe next time, i can order a rice meal so i can get the cornflake shake.

aside from the decor, the best thing i like about sango! is their motto: cooked fresh upon order.  this is probably the reason why the fries tasted so good since fries get soggy when it's not freshly cooked.

T liked the master burger so much he wanted to order another one.. no kidding!  i had to stop him because we still need a bit of room for our movie food: popcorn and nachos.  anyway, meet T... rex ;)

Dining Date: 5 February 2010

Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City
(02) 5563185
(0923) 7041723
(0922) 8852790

Unified Sango HQ
54 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave.
Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
(02) 6716230
(02) 6716231
(02) 6710363

Makati Creekside Mall
Rm. 5 GF, Creekside Mall,
Amorsolo St., corner Herrera St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
(02) 8300391
(02) 8894445
(0922) 8852772
(0923) 2805796

Alabang South Supermarket
Alabang Zapote Road
(02) 7712201
(0922) 885 2248

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
6 level Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
(02) 6820377
(0922) 8852325 

photo credit:
sango's official website

*approximately P50=$1


  1. I'm not into fast food and gurgers and all that, but the place looks somehow very sunny and welcoming.

  2. julia. and the food's not greasy at all unlike other fastfood chains :)

  3. I love Japanese food and I love burgers so this is definitely a must-try. Thanks for featuring it Joie! xoxo

  4. I love fast food! Its so interesting that they have Japanese dvds and books there.

  5. leah. try it when you get back :)

    sherin. i know! found that very amusing ;)

  6. Sango is the best thing that ever happened to burgers. I love it and their milk tea is the best ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  7. russ. milk tea? i'd have to try that soon :)

  8. A Japanese burger ... I must try it!

  9. nina. yes, you should. it's the better kind of 'fastfood', i think ;)

  10. Japanese burger? i'd love to try that. it's probably the healthiest burger around :)

    and you T is soo pogi ha? =)

  11. You should! It goes well with their burger and/or fries with Japanese Mustard, good combo!Ü

  12. beef ba yun burger ni Timmy? :)

  13. kero. yes, i'd like to think of it as the 'healthy burger' :)) but i guess it really is healthy because russ approves of it.

    "and you T is soo pogi ha? =)"
    hahaha! i think i'm ruining his bad boy image ;)

    russ. we almost ate there again today! T wanted to try the other food, i wanted to try the milk tea you suggested. but we didn't have much time before the movie so we settled with pho'hoa.

    as i was saying, is it really a healthier kind of burger? :)

  14. wala lang, I love beef burgers. I have never liked chicken burgers :)

  15. ariane. even mcdonald's crisy chicken burger? ;) but ya. i prefer the master burger over the chicken teriyaki burger that i got.

  16. yep! kahit nga kfc chicken burgers, di ko type eh. pag burger talaga, it has to be beef. at least for me :)

  17. We have one here at Pearl Plaza in Ortigas. Kaso, di masyado napupuno.

    The rice meals are great and their cornflakes dessert (forgot ano tawag dun). Shelling out P200 for lunch is too much compared to the others na less than P100.

    I've yet to taste the burgers though. Maybe pag sweldo. hehe :)

  18. mommy judy. which is today, payday! go sango! ;)

  19. joei. thats a good idea.. :) see you at sango! ;)

  20. yummy burger and fries at sango :) love it!!


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