a product of me going through my archives to look for 
possible places you can go to for valentines day.. ;)

the valentines series.
(part 2)

aside from the frazzled cook, the goose station and je suis gourmand, here's another place you can go to on valentine's day.

T and i were walking around greenbelt looking for a new place to eat when lo and behold... we saw lusso!  barely a month old, its at the corner of those line of restaurants at the opposite end of felix.

they say 'lusso' is luxurious in italian.  it figures.  from the short man in an all white suit greeting you at the front door to the shiny silverware, from the big chandeliers on the ceiling to the gold card flap holding your bill... definitely luxe!

we had the dates and speck (P295) for our appetizer.  the dish was composed of dates wrapped in cheese and bacon. it was sooooo yummy!  until now, i still crave for it.  the picture doesn't do it justice, i swear. 

for his main course, T got the grilled entecote bernaise US prime striploin (P1,250).  the dish came with either french fries or french butter rice.  T got the rice, of course.  sad to say, this dish was such a disappointment.  not even the bernaise sauce could save the striploin.  plus, growing boys take note.  the french rice is only equivalent to half a cup of rice, maybe even less.  this is definitely not worth its price.

for my main course,  i chose the pan seared salmon (P550).  the dish was composed of salmon sprinkled with orange salt and surrounded by champagne cream lumpfish cavier duet.  i also had the choice of french fries or french butter rice.  i got the fries.  unlike T, the course i ordered was yummy!  i had an upset stomach at that time but the cream and caviar didn't bother me at all.  a must-try!

 when we went here, they only have two other main dishes aside from the ones we ordered: shepherd's pie (P575) and chicken pot pie (P535) though they probably would have a set menu during valentine's day.  anyway, i'd still recommend this for valentine's day despite the disappointing striploin because of the place's ambiance.  it's romantic, it's luxurious.  plus, there was still the foie gras burger (P595) and the luxe mac and cheese (P495) still left to try.

Dining Date: 19 September 2009

G/F Greenbelt 5
(near Balenciaga)
Makati City

(632) 756-LUXE

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*approximately P50 = $1


  1. I am impressed by the chandelier and the utensils, the knife & fork look heavy. Haha! Salmon will always remind me of D.
    About your comment in my blog, the sad part is, I seem to not have any single girlfriends and boyfriends now. Oo nga, literally lahat sila may mga significant others na! WOW!

  2. russ. really? wow. but i was like that, too! imagine during highschool and early college, we were like 6 or 7 girls.. all with significant others. me = nbsb. hahaha! but it was ok. it really didn't bother me because i probably got used to it already ;)

    all of my valentines i used to spend with friends. i think it was my first formal valentines last year with T. will probably make that part 3 of the valentines series.

  3. oooh, the posh night life at Greenbelt. one of the best thing I miss in Manila.

    i always opt for salmon whenever we eat out and hubby the devoted meat lover, a T bone or ribeye

    Enjoy the weekend gorgeous!

  4. kero. it's the same with us. although when we started out, i always ordered the steak and T always had the salmon! ;)

    have a great weekend, too!

  5. honga nakaka impress ang interior at ang spoon and fork :) although its too pricey for me for now. hehe baka pag nagwork na ko ulit pwede ko na shang puntahan.

  6. erlyn. i'm trying to dig up my archives for possible date places on valentines. and i think the ambiance of lusso would do the trick. but don't be fooled by the interior. the place houses only a few tables :)

  7. Oh I love the interior - definately my kind of a place! Is it true what Erlyn says in the comment baove mine? If so, even better! I like small cozy places that are not loud and crowded!!

  8. julia. you mean that its just small and cozy? yes. it's not a huge place. just a few tables :)

  9. Looks like a lovely place.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a thought on my last post, really love hearing from my readers.

    HOpe your weekend and V day will be fabulous.


  10. Looks lovely - shame I'm going to be spending Valentine's alone! :(

  11. aww it looks so lovely

    Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comment =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  12. I absolutely love your restaurant reviews. Not only do they make me hungry, they leave me with the urge to travel!! :)

  13. Your twitter thing is fixed now! :D

  14. Thank you for showing me Greenbelt! I've lived in Manila all my life but I've only been there once because of a birthday party. haha :)

  15. colin. enjoy valentines weekend as well! :)

    mj. spend it with friends! ;)

  16. english rose. have a great weekend dear :)

    erika. thanks! ;)

  17. jen. it is :)

    leia. yey, no more annoying pop up :P

  18. mommy judy. no problem! i have more greenbelt photos for you! ;)


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