je suis gourmand.

a product of me going through my archives to look for 
possible places you can go to for valentines day.. ;)

the valentines series: 
(part 1)

aside from the frazzled cook and the goose station, here's another place you can go to on valentine's day.

je suis gourmand.

honestly, the only reason i wanted to eat here before was because i was enrolled in a french school and i wanted to practice my french! (hahaha! i'm funny that way :)) but then time passed and i got busy with other things.  soon i forgot about this place.  good thing T was in the mood to walk that night.  that's how i chanced upon je suis gourmand again.

je suis gourmand was divided into 3 areas: the outside area, the main dining area and a smaller dining area.  it was a friday night so the place was packed when we got there.  fortunately, there was one last table for two at the private dining area at the back.  it was meant to be!  as soon as we sat down, the server gave us a basket full of bread.

i wasn't able to take much pictures of the place because i felt that i would be invading someone else's privacy if i did.  remember, we were at that private dining area with only 4 tables.  i wouldn't want to offend anybody.  

for starters, T chose the marinated beef carpaccio (P480).  the salad was composed of beef carpacio, parmesan, raw mushrooms, arugula, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. we had the salad split into two but it was enough for both of us still.  the salad is a must-try!  T liked it as well.

for his main course, T chose the grilled lamb chop tenderloin (P820).   the dish is actually a trio composed of lamb chop, tenderloin and merguez sausages combined with harissa jus and steamed vegetables couscous.  again, i don't eat lamb so i wouldn't know how good it was. i only tried the sausages with the couscous and it was tasty.

for my main course, i chose the blue cheese carbonara (P420).  it's a linguini dish with roasted prawns and crispy smoked bacon.  I LOVE IT! the flavor was just right, not overpowering.  unlike other cream pastas i've tried, this i could finish in one sitting.  no umay factor involved.

for our desserts, T chose the homemade ice cream (P130) while i chose the fresh strawberry and vanilla cheesecake (P180).  the cheesecake was good but nothing great.  i don't think i got a taste of T's ice cream because he finished it in a jiffy! 



since it's a quaint little restaurant in a fine dining setting, i think je suis gourmand is a setting worthy of a valentine's date :)

Je Suis Gourmand
Dining Date: 15 January 2010

G/F Net One Center
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila

(632) 815-8801

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*approximately P50 = $1


  1. is it worth the price? it's kinda expensive :)

  2. how can a person diet after reading posts like this? :P

    i have the same question: was the food worth the money?

  3. ariane. i can't speak for T's lamb trio (coz i don't eat lamb) but for the other dishes, yes. although they might have a set menu for valentines.

  4. clare. no to diets! especially not during the love season. start after february ;)

  5. Looks like a nice restaurant! :)

    Also joei I wanted to let you know that I keep getting Twitter popups when I visit your site... is it just me?

  6. i had one of the best pasta dish as well in French Resto called Maxine.

    that's a lovely place to celebrate Joie.

    Happy Hearts Day to you and T!

  7. leia. i think it's coz of the twitter badge on the right column. i'll try to find out how to tweak it so it wouldn't pop up anymore. thanks for calling my attention to it ;)

    kero. oh, i love pasta! we'd have to visit that resto when we go to dubai :)

  8. waaahhh the cheesecake looks absolutely yummy :)

  9. erlyn. it is! or maybe im biased because i heart cheesecakes ;)

  10. the cheesecake looks delectible! is it just a date place or a good place to the fam also?

  11. koryn. good for family dinners, too! :)

  12. I want the lamb chop tenderloin... this is a definite must-visit place. Thanks for the review Joie.

    Your twitter badge is okay... very visible. xoxo

  13. I love the romantic bushes in front of the entrance and I want this cheesecake! Now!!! :)

  14. The thought of fresh strawberry cheesecake, homemade ice cream, and that bread basket has left me starving. I need to go! Fabulous review darling!! :)

  15. mukhang masarap yung salad and pasta!

  16. oh joei, your blog's always filled with interesting pictures and review!

    i love how french meals are always so healthy (yummm to that salad and blue cheese carbonara, i really like blue cheese!). those wheat breads really make me hungry!

  17. leah. sorry couldn't give you a review of the lamb coz i don't eat those cute lil things ;)

    btw, it was leia and not you who called my attention to the twitter pop-up. my mistake!

    julia. too bad i wasn't able to take a picture of the whole place. it was lovely :)

  18. erika. thanks! ;)

    chubskulit. true! those are my favorite dishes as well. plus, the cheesecake :)

  19. vinda. i guess that's why they say french women never get fat ;)

  20. ooh you guys ate well! good thing i just ate lunch or else this post would have me starving.
    xoxo alison

  21. mademoiselle frou frou. yes, it's one of our vices ;)


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