Don't ask why or how.  The point was I scraped my knee like a six year old and it's embarrassing.

And so here I am confined to my home for the past two days since I couldn't really walk that much.  The gash covered almost all of my kneecap area making it difficult for me to even sit and stand at long intervals.

The point this entry, however, is not to share my misfortune.  I was wondering if any of you have tips to hurry healing and prevent scarring, medicinal or otherwise.  I'm not used to getting booboos so I'm clueless.

Help a six-year old?


  1. dont put band aid, just clean it up regularly by washing it and applying betadine. then try sebo de macho so the scar would fade.

  2. Ouch, hope it all heals soon! As for the scarring, hmm... I would have to agree with the comment above - clean it up and use some of the creams that speed up the healing process. I know of some great ones, but they're Russian I believe and are sold here :(

    P.S. Joei, I've never heard of shelfari, so I'm afraid I don't have an account :)

  3. erlyn. thanks! ill keep that in mind :)

    julia. keeps track of books that you've read, are reading, and planning to read.

  4. sorry to hear that, gorgeous. the first comment says it all.

    and if the sebo de macho won't be up to the job, you can always see a skin care specialist.

    Happy Monday!

  5. It's that big? Just don't scratch it or take out the skin or whatever you call that when it's a little dry. I'm not sure if you'll need this, but after surgery, I would apply CONTRACTUBEX on my skin. It might help. ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  6. erlyn! naligaw ka dito ah! :)

    Jo, I think Contratubex works. Pwede din Sebo de Macho. As long as you don't scratch it and let it heal properly, di magkaka-scar yan. Sayang pretty legs mo! :)

    That's so normal for me, though the victim, more often than not, are my hands. I open the door, pak! Sugat na. I fix some papers, bang! Paper cut. Talk about clumsy. Hehe

  7. kero. thanks kero! i hope monday would be better :/

    russ. it's huge! actually, it seems bigger than it is because of the bruise around the area. and it really, really hurts!

  8. ariane. yes, i used contratubex before. it does work. but i think it's when the wound is dry already.

    it's so hard to be clumsy huh? :/

  9. That's a big ouch, hope maghilom agad..

  10. Im such a klutz too. Even on flat surfaces natatapilok ako. I agree with the first comment. :) And you were right to give it a rest. But if the scar won't fade, just think of it as a reminder to be extra extra cautious. I wish you well! :)

  11. mommy judy. i think i'm going over to the doc later to have it checked. it's really hurting a lot :(

  12. awww sorry to hear that sissy! hopes everything's fine now :)

    btw, re the myrtle, its in South Carolina :)

  13. marice. thanks! it's healed up but there's still the issue of scars :/


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