how clean is your toothbrush?

i don't know about you but sometimes i feel icky thinking about germs in the bathroom crawling around my toothbrush.  which was why i found this thing i saw in target (i think) interesting!

"Zapi uses germicidal ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush in just minutes.  Zapi comes in two hot new colors, purple and pink, plus white, blue, and orange to match your personal style.  All of them come with a free toothbrush, but they also work with your favorite manual brush or electric head.  Your toothbrush is germ free and safely stored inside Zapi ready for the next time you brush."

zapi is a favorite among celebrities.  i know for a fact that both ellen and oprah love these thingies!  all you have to do is to insert your favorite toothbrush, press the button and zapi will clean it quickly.  it turns off automatically, too!

the zapi costs $29.95.  but it's not too high a price to pray to have germ-free toothbrushes, right?  they also have one for travelers.  now that's something that interests me.  i hate storing my toothbrush in those plastic containers because after a while, there's some kind of build up around the head area.

"The Violight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer uses our germ-eliminating UV technology in a sleek, go-anywhere package. The germicidal light activates as soon as you close the lid, and in 6 minutes your toothbrush is sanitized and safely stored until you're ready to brush again. The Violight Personal/Travel Sanitizer has a deluxe metallic finish, long battery life, and includes a removable drip-tray for easy cleaning. Perfect for you or as a gift of health --- whether it stays at home, goes to the office, gym, or on a trip." 

the portable zapi is also $29.95 and also includes a free toothbrush.  there are more products on the zapi website but these two are my top picks.  

anyone here who has a zapi?  


it's been a busy week since i stepped foot in socal (i.e. eating, catching up with family, eating, and oh, did i mention eating? ;)) so i have yet to upload pictures and compose entries.  

in the meantime, here's something i found very interesting... and mind you, i use the term very loosely.  as if cheaters need more help in cheating! anyway, i'm sure all of you are familiar with the scandal involving tiger woods and his mistress.  well, some enterpreneurs saw this as an opportunity to introduce... tigertext!

"Called, coincidentally enough, TigerText, it allows users to set a time limit on how long a text that they send will hang around after it has been read. When that lifespan has been exceeded, the message will disappear, say the developers, from the recipient's phone, the sender's phone and any servers. The message cannot be forwarded anywhere, stored anywhere or sold to any tabloids for an undisclosed sum."

"When you send a regular text message, the message is sent from your phone, routed through a server, and then delivered to the recipient’s phone. The message you send will live on the receiver’s phone until the recipient decides to delete it. The text message will also reside on the cell phone company’s server for an unlimited amount of time. TigerText is different because, even though it looks and feels identical to a normal text message, the content of your message is never sent to the recipient’s phone and you control when the message is deleted from our server so you control the lifespan of the message!"

it's like those messages in spy movies that self-destruct within a certain period of time.  how innovative!  tigertext is free to try (100 messages sent over 15 days) over at appshopper.  girls, what is your take on this app?  a YES or a NO? ;)

and on a different note, i got the beautiful blogger award.  and it's my first award, too.  (apparently, russ gave me this award already :)) thank you!  i think today's the day i officially enter the blogger world yet again ;)

Here are the rules:

  • Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
  • Pass this award onto bloggers you think are fantastic.
  • Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
  • State 7 things about yourself.

hugs and kisses to kero who gave me this award.  i always have fun reading about your family adventures in dubai.  i have to visit that country soon!

now, i pass this award to KAT of kat's nook, KORYN of suburban girl, RUSS of because i said so, LIZ of ruby red confessions, NINA of ballerina's closet obsession, LEAH of leah and ERIKA of cafe fashionista.  since you guys have already been in the modern blogging world for sometime, you probably received this award already.  nevertheless, i'm still giving it to you beautiful girls :)

and as for the 7 things about myself, i'm waiving this part since i'm not too keen into divulging much about moi.  i'm into staying mysterious about my personal life unless it involves places i go to or food that i eat ;)

photo credit:

Sprinkles Cupcakes.

"Since we opened the world's first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, our freshly baked treats have inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike."

Chanel Tattoos.

Pheeeeew!  I'm finally done packing sorting. Thankful for this checklist app i recently installed on my Samsung Omnia. Without it, everything would've been a disaster!  Anyhow, guess what's new at the house of Chanel?

"Fifty-five exclusive temporary tattoos in all, originally hand-drawn by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris. Artful images of CHANEL symbols and icons, including Oriental cherry blossoms and birds, can be mixed and matched for unlimited effects."
Screencap from a magazine.

Would you buy something like this at $75 a pop?  A do or a don't?  FAshionista or fashion wanna-be?  I want to know what you think!

Valentines at the Crystal Room.

The Valentines Series.
(The Finale)

T and I decided to spend Valentines on the 13th because we were planning to go to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Air Base, Pampanga on the 14th (but the plan didn't push through due to unforeseen circumstances).

Last year, T and I had Valentines Dinner in Felix (read my blog entry on Felix).  This year, we spent the evening in this place I've been wanting to try but was always full whenever I try to make reservations.. The Crystal Room.

Even if I search for information, there's not much I can find in the Internet. Why?  I think it's partly because The Crystal Room is located in a hidden corner in 'The Establishment', a place better known for its party scene than its restaurants.  I myself was actually wondering about the location of this secret french restaurant everyone was referring to.  Where was it?

Felix and The Distillery.

continued from part 2...

Aside from The Frazzled Cook, The Goose Station, Je Suis Gourmand and Lusso, here's another place you can go to on Valentine's Day... Felix.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I decided to do one last entry for my Valentine Series. What better place to suggest for a Valentine's date than the place where we went to last year.


a product of me going through my archives to look for 
possible places you can go to for valentines day.. ;)

the valentines series.
(part 2)

aside from the frazzled cook, the goose station and je suis gourmand, here's another place you can go to on valentine's day.

T and i were walking around greenbelt looking for a new place to eat when lo and behold... we saw lusso!  barely a month old, its at the corner of those line of restaurants at the opposite end of felix.

they say 'lusso' is luxurious in italian.  it figures.  from the short man in an all white suit greeting you at the front door to the shiny silverware, from the big chandeliers on the ceiling to the gold card flap holding your bill... definitely luxe!

we had the dates and speck (P295) for our appetizer.  the dish was composed of dates wrapped in cheese and bacon. it was sooooo yummy!  until now, i still crave for it.  the picture doesn't do it justice, i swear. 

for his main course, T got the grilled entecote bernaise US prime striploin (P1,250).  the dish came with either french fries or french butter rice.  T got the rice, of course.  sad to say, this dish was such a disappointment.  not even the bernaise sauce could save the striploin.  plus, growing boys take note.  the french rice is only equivalent to half a cup of rice, maybe even less.  this is definitely not worth its price.

for my main course,  i chose the pan seared salmon (P550).  the dish was composed of salmon sprinkled with orange salt and surrounded by champagne cream lumpfish cavier duet.  i also had the choice of french fries or french butter rice.  i got the fries.  unlike T, the course i ordered was yummy!  i had an upset stomach at that time but the cream and caviar didn't bother me at all.  a must-try!

 when we went here, they only have two other main dishes aside from the ones we ordered: shepherd's pie (P575) and chicken pot pie (P535) though they probably would have a set menu during valentine's day.  anyway, i'd still recommend this for valentine's day despite the disappointing striploin because of the place's ambiance.  it's romantic, it's luxurious.  plus, there was still the foie gras burger (P595) and the luxe mac and cheese (P495) still left to try.

Dining Date: 19 September 2009

G/F Greenbelt 5
(near Balenciaga)
Makati City

(632) 756-LUXE

continue to part trois...

*approximately P50 = $1

je suis gourmand.

a product of me going through my archives to look for 
possible places you can go to for valentines day.. ;)

the valentines series: 
(part 1)

aside from the frazzled cook and the goose station, here's another place you can go to on valentine's day.

je suis gourmand.

honestly, the only reason i wanted to eat here before was because i was enrolled in a french school and i wanted to practice my french! (hahaha! i'm funny that way :)) but then time passed and i got busy with other things.  soon i forgot about this place.  good thing T was in the mood to walk that night.  that's how i chanced upon je suis gourmand again.

je suis gourmand was divided into 3 areas: the outside area, the main dining area and a smaller dining area.  it was a friday night so the place was packed when we got there.  fortunately, there was one last table for two at the private dining area at the back.  it was meant to be!  as soon as we sat down, the server gave us a basket full of bread.

i wasn't able to take much pictures of the place because i felt that i would be invading someone else's privacy if i did.  remember, we were at that private dining area with only 4 tables.  i wouldn't want to offend anybody.  

for starters, T chose the marinated beef carpaccio (P480).  the salad was composed of beef carpacio, parmesan, raw mushrooms, arugula, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. we had the salad split into two but it was enough for both of us still.  the salad is a must-try!  T liked it as well.

for his main course, T chose the grilled lamb chop tenderloin (P820).   the dish is actually a trio composed of lamb chop, tenderloin and merguez sausages combined with harissa jus and steamed vegetables couscous.  again, i don't eat lamb so i wouldn't know how good it was. i only tried the sausages with the couscous and it was tasty.

for my main course, i chose the blue cheese carbonara (P420).  it's a linguini dish with roasted prawns and crispy smoked bacon.  I LOVE IT! the flavor was just right, not overpowering.  unlike other cream pastas i've tried, this i could finish in one sitting.  no umay factor involved.

for our desserts, T chose the homemade ice cream (P130) while i chose the fresh strawberry and vanilla cheesecake (P180).  the cheesecake was good but nothing great.  i don't think i got a taste of T's ice cream because he finished it in a jiffy! 



since it's a quaint little restaurant in a fine dining setting, i think je suis gourmand is a setting worthy of a valentine's date :)

Je Suis Gourmand
Dining Date: 15 January 2010

G/F Net One Center
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila

(632) 815-8801

continue to part deux...

*approximately P50 = $1

movie marathon: the princess & the frog and dear john.

i spent most of my saturday and sunday indoors, either curled up with a book or engrossed  in a tv series, all because of my hurting knee.  but when i was feeling a bit better, T was nice enough to take me out for dinner and a movie.  here are two films we saw this week.

the princess and the frog

'the princess and the frog' is based on what we all know as the tale of the frog prince.  the film's actually a broadway-style musical set in new orleans during the twenties.  the protagonist is tiana (voiced by anika noni rose), who dreams of having her own restaurant someday.  the conflict begins when a maldonian prince named naveen (voiced by bruno campos) is turned into a frog by an evil scheming voodoo magician named dr. facilier (voiced by keith david).

the release of this movie created quite a stir for casting the first black prince and princess.  but truth be told, the issue of race was handled well in this movie.  aside from the comparison between the homes of the rich 'whites' and of the native 'blacks' (which seemed to be a real message sent by the filmmakers as they intentionally showed the glaring dissimilarity by way of scanning from the biggest house to the smallest house), there was nothing else that showed any issues on racism.  in fact, tiana's bestfriend was blonde and blue-eyed charlotte.

at first, i thought the movie was quite a gamble being merely a 2d cartoon in the midst of animated features in 3d.  but  it was a good gamble, nonetheless.  i realized at the end of the movie that effects were not at all relevant.  because watching 'princess and the frog' made me feel reminiscent of the old disney movies i grew up with ---- the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin.  these were classic disneys that pride in giving its audience a feel good atmosphere induced by love, family and friendships.

and that's what 'the princess and the frog' was.  although a bit more radical because of the color issue, it was one of those disney movies you can put in the same league as the classic ones. 

with that, i give 'princess and the frog':

dear john

i was a nicholas sparks fan.  yes, i said WAS.  i used to buy all of his books as soon as they got released regardless if waiting only for a month or so for the paperback edition would save me a bit of money.  i remember buying my first sparks novel in 1996 --- the notebook.  oooh, that novel was so memorable.  it was the first book that ever made me cry!  and even as of the present, i'd have to say that that was sparks' best piece.  

anyhow, i used the past tense in describing my adoration of sparks' books because i felt that after 'the wedding', sparks wrote his books for hollywood and not the other way around.  his novels were becoming a bit commercialized, like he had a movie in his mind before even beginning to write the novel.  i didn't like that.  not one bit.  so, i stopped reading his books.

which was why when T and i saw 'dear john' i had no inkling as to what it was about.  actually, i was even a bit hesitant to watch it.  after a horrid weekend, i didn't want to end my day with a raw 'a walk to remember' wannabe.  

and admittedly, i was wrong.  i was touched by the movie!  made me shed a tear  or two even.  i guess, sparks 'redeemed' himself with this one.  although i haven't read the book, i'd have to say that 'dear john' was different from those novels i refused to read after 'the wedding'.  it may have some aspects typical of a sparks novel but it was far from being a recycled sparks classic.

with that, i give dear john:

photo credits:

my entry for:



Don't ask why or how.  The point was I scraped my knee like a six year old and it's embarrassing.

And so here I am confined to my home for the past two days since I couldn't really walk that much.  The gash covered almost all of my kneecap area making it difficult for me to even sit and stand at long intervals.

The point this entry, however, is not to share my misfortune.  I was wondering if any of you have tips to hurry healing and prevent scarring, medicinal or otherwise.  I'm not used to getting booboos so I'm clueless.

Help a six-year old?

Sango! The Burger Master.

sango! isn't really a new restaurant since it debuted in 2006.  however, i think it's only recently that  the restaurant has been gaining popularity by opening more branches such as the latest one in powerplant mall, rockwell.

"The journey of bringing Japanese Burgers to the Philippines started with the first Sango store in Creekside Mall, Makati City in 2006. The success of Sango! The Burger Master grew slowly by pure word of mouth among foodies and a loyal Japanese clientele."

we were in powerplant mall in rockwell makati to watch 'princess & the frog' when T craved for a burger.  i was always planning to eat in sango! since last year but for some reason, i never got to doing so.  so last night was my first time in sango! (*gasp*) ;)

as soon as i entered the branch, i knew i was going to like it there.  the ambiance was so light that if i were british, i'd probably say 'delightful!'.   it was also so cute that they had an lcd tv which, at the time we were there, was showing a funny japanese game show.  there was also a shelf with lots of japanese books and dvds.

the staff were all so friendly and efficient, too.  as soon as someone entered the store or stood up from the table, there already was a server waiting to welcome and say hello or clean up.  sango! also had this self-serve thing going on so we approached the counter to see what they had.


there were so many to choose from!  they had burgers, hotdogs, rice meals, fries, salads and dessert.  click on the menu below to see the whole collection.

with so many choices, T and i found it difficult to pick just one thing to eat.  burger?  rice meal?  hotdog?  we were torn.  good thing they had set meals.

set meal #1:
yakiniku burger + fries + soda

set meal #2:
chicken teriyaki burger + fries + soda

set meal #3:
master burger + fries + soda

i got set meal #2 while T got set meal # 3.  i found it interesting that they had unique sodas aside from the usual coke and pepsi products.  there were 3 kinds: honeydew, strawberry and calpis.  the first two i know, the last one was new to my ears. so, i asked the cashier what it was.  she told me calpis was a cross between soy milk and yakult.  i wasn't sure that taste would go well with chicken teriyaki so i chose the strawberry flavored soda instead.  it tasted like a kid's drink.  i loved it!  similar to those frozen slurpees from 7-11.  we didn't have to wait long before our burgers came.

our fries came soon afterwards.  the packs were placed in a cute little straw basket together with a bunch of ketchup packets.  T loved the fries!  made from real potatoes and they were fat fat fat!  we should've ordered the larger one. 


too bad i didn't have any room for dessert.  i wanted to try their strawberry sundae cone.  and maybe next time, i can order a rice meal so i can get the cornflake shake.

aside from the decor, the best thing i like about sango! is their motto: cooked fresh upon order.  this is probably the reason why the fries tasted so good since fries get soggy when it's not freshly cooked.

T liked the master burger so much he wanted to order another one.. no kidding!  i had to stop him because we still need a bit of room for our movie food: popcorn and nachos.  anyway, meet T... rex ;)

Dining Date: 5 February 2010

Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City
(02) 5563185
(0923) 7041723
(0922) 8852790

Unified Sango HQ
54 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave.
Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
(02) 6716230
(02) 6716231
(02) 6710363

Makati Creekside Mall
Rm. 5 GF, Creekside Mall,
Amorsolo St., corner Herrera St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
(02) 8300391
(02) 8894445
(0922) 8852772
(0923) 2805796

Alabang South Supermarket
Alabang Zapote Road
(02) 7712201
(0922) 885 2248

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
6 level Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
(02) 6820377
(0922) 8852325 

photo credit:
sango's official website

*approximately P50=$1