Fan of asian cuisine?
Enjoy yakiniku?
Love desserts?
Really, really hungry?!

The Yakimix sign.

If your answer is YES to all 4 questions then I think you better drop by Yakimix!  I have to say that this place is the buffet of all buffets (excluding hotel buffets, of course).  And even if it isn't, at P499*, how can you go wrong?

Their poster.

I've been meaning to blog about this place since it was introduced to me last year.  My first taste of the Yakimix experience was during lunch time on a work day.  Oh wow!  After an hour and a half of binging, we were so full  to the point that we couldn't move!  As expected, when we got back to the office, everybody's doors were closed.  Guess what we were all doing... Hint: Zzzzz....

The juice bar: Iced tea, mango juice, blue lemonade and Pepsi products.

It's blue lemonade for me!

So after 5 grueling days of work, I was ecstatic when T suggested we have dinner at Yakimix before watching the last full show of Avatar.**  To start things off, you can head over to the salad bar but I doubt if anyone wants to waste stomach space with that!

The salad bar.

Maki lovers you're in for a surprise.  There's a whole row dedicated only to makimonos!  I counted the whole lot and there were 20 different kinds. TWENTY!

Not even hotel buffets have this many to choose from!

Not your usual makimonos.

After filling your stomach with sushi, makis and temakis, you can now move on to the Yakiniku station.  There's all sorts of raw meat: fish, chicken, beef... name it!  They have different sauces for each, too.

The Yakiniku row: They're still refilling the lot.

Each Yakimix table comes with a smokeless grill.   This is where you cook all of  the raw meat and fish you hoarded from the Yakiniku row.

Patience, patience.
As for the main courses, you get to choose from different Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes.  Watch out for the tempura!  In all the times i've eaten in Yakiniku, it's the fastest-going dish.  One of you really has to wait for it to come out of the kitchen and grab it while it's still hot! There's also a sukiyaki station at the end of the row.

Main entrees: Many items missing in this photo.

Sukiyaki station.

Even after all of that, you have to leave a little room because the best part isn't over yet.  Dessert! Tons of different cakes and sweets... egg tarts, chocolates, cheesecakes and cupcakes.  And as if this isn't enough, at the other end of the row is an ice cream station.

Dessert station.

More and more and more.

Ice cream toppings.

House tea to help you digest all the food you ate!

Let the games begin.

Round 1...

Round 2...

Round 3...

And for the final round...

So who do you think won? ;)

I've heard mix reviews about Yakimix.  Nothing about the food though.  The negative raps I heard were mostly about service.  Well, at 580*** a pop for that spread, I think service is nothing to yap about.  And it's a buffet too so it's supposed to be a 'get-your-own-food-and-drink' thing.. right?

As for me, the only thing I don't like is coming out of there smelling like food.  Having a smokeless grill still doesn't help much in that department.  But otherwise, I'd recommend this place to everyone else.

Dining date: 8 January 2010

Ground floor 
Sm Mall of Asia
   Pasay City

Hobbies of Asia
Macapagal Boulevard
Pasay City
(02) 387-8120
(02) 387-8112

Forum Building
Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City
(02) 385-7500

*Lunch buffet + drinks
**Proved to be a bad idea, threw up mid-movie :)) 
***Dinner buffet


  1. I ♥ Yakimix and I'm itching to eat there again. Had a not-so-similar Yakimix post.

    When I go back, I'll take photos. I was shy to take pics the last time I was there because I was with D's family. ☮.♥.☆

  2. russ. maybe you guys can go there when duart comes back so you can blog about it again :)

    ill check your post in a bit coz i'm actually not yet done with mine. accidentally clicked 'publish' while i'm still editing. fat thumbs. hehehe.

  3. That's the plan.Ü Or kahit wala si D, hahaa! Si Jess and Billy, I wanna bring them there because they haven't eaten at Yakimix. It's the unlimited kimchi that's making me want to come back.

  4. russ. i didn't see that! and what's fried nips?! haha! i think i need a second look at the food when i go back. too focused on makis, tempura and yakiniku meat :))

  5. Oh, you tried it na! :) Great deal noh? Kaya lang you'll smell of Yakimix talaga right after. How can you not? There's food everywhere + the grill!!! Yum! :) Let's have dinner na lang there ni Polay :)

  6. kat. ya! but wait.. i think i still have yakimix trauma. threw up mid-movie while watching avatar! (in the washroom naman but still :/) there's one place i wanna try though. bloggable, too ;) lets set a date?

  7. Whaat? OH MY!
    You have to go back there Joei!Ü There's a portion in the main buffet table with a lot of Korean Appetizers! I got Jess to eat with me there next week. She hasn't eaten at Yakimix sooooo I'll have my chance to take photos :)
    Wala yung grilled nips. Hahaa. D's sisters were just trippin, gulat kase kame that you can Nips-All-You-Want too.

  8. russ. which branch did you go to? got to eat in both macapagal & moa but didn't see any korean appetizer! anyway, when i get over my yakimix trauma, i'll go there again to try the 'fried nips' ;)


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