Wowowee And Wowowtee.


Willie Revillame was nice enough to lend his house in Tagaytay Highlands to us for a day.  Even if the house was already featured in Yes! Magazine, I'm only going to post photos of the common area as courtesy to W.R. Let me give you a tour of the grounds.

The main entrance.

The main door leads to the pool area.  The house you see on the left is WR's main house.  Yes, main because the property is actually made up of the main house and a few other guest houses. 

This is the pool area. Doesn't it look like a resort?  If only we weren't in the mountains and there was a beach nearby!

 Notice the W crest in the middle of the pool?  The cabana-like structure is where the jacuzzi is.

I love the beach chairs by the pool area.

Especially this one.  It reminds me of the pool chairs in Discovery Shores Boracay.

The pool has a bar area.  But we didn't drink so we never got to use it.

Inside the main house wearing my Mango + Paulo Coehlo's solidarity tee (read my blog entry on Paulo Coehlo for Mango).


Coming down from the mountains, I accompanied my boyfriend (everyone meet T!) to buy his first pair of glasses. 

So many to choose from!

After trying on a couple of pairs, he decided on a not-so-serious-and-actually-funky pair shaped like large Rayban wayfarers that was totally him.

Why hello Chuck (character in a TV series)!

How about you?  What did you do today? 


  1. Wow I like the lounge chair also and the pool bar!!

  2. Wowowee talaga! Pag ganyan inuuwian ko everyday, parang di na ko papasok sa work. Luck you, Joei jo jo!

  3. Sobrang ganda naman ng place na yan! Where in the Philippines is that? Pero yeah, it's the kind of house that you'd usually see in architecture and home magazines ☮.♥.☆

  4. sab. me also! that's my favorite part.

    vea. although there IS work the next day. hehe.

    russ it's in tagaytay :)

  5. Ganda ng eyeglasses ni Timmy ah! Bagay!!I I like!!

  6. sab. it's from our favorite eyeglass shop! ;)

  7. chair is from DEDON.


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