Paulo Coelho For Mango.

Avid fan of Paulo Coelho?  Present!  So when I saw the solidarity shirts in Mango stores October of last year, I just had to get one!  I chose the pink one that said:

"When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you realize your desire."

The shirt I got came in a box designed like a book... So cute!

I'm glad I didn't wait until the sale because only 40,000 first edition shirts were released in 450 shops all over the world.   Last time I checked, the only ones left were sleeveless ones with not-so-famous lines.

More designs.

It's also nice to know that the project is not just a money-making publicity stunt as proceeds of all sales will go to the Paulo Coelho Institute of Brazil.  Charity + fashion + world-renowned author? I think this is the most interesting collaboration I've seen so far.

Now now now.. Why do i feel like you're rushing to the nearest Mango store? ;)


  1. Ay. Haha. Meron pa kaya?Ö
    I want din.

  2. russ. i saw some recently but no more tees. only sleeveless ones. but still cute nonetheless :)

  3. I saw the tees about a month ago at the glorietta branch. Sana lang meron pa. =)

  4. iza. thanks for the tip! i think i wanna buy another tee for me ;)

  5. heeya beautiful lady! thank you so much for the visit. would you like us to exchange links?

    i like some Mango designs but i still have to see these PC shirts over here. lucky, lucky you. box pa lang looks really fab.

    see you on my site! take care

  6. kero. hope you get to see some PC shirts over there! and sure, added a link to your site already :)


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