New From Starbucks.

This week, I went to Starbucks craving for 'holiday' food but alas! Everything was gone. I was appeased though when the barristas informed me of the new items that will be released the next day including a 'customize-your-sandwich' thing.  Interesting!

Their new wrap.

So when i went to Starbucks this morning, the first thing I looked at was their food selection.   The Starbucks branch I went to only had 2 additions to their usual: the Southern Lime Chicken and Roasted Corn Wrap and the Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Sandwich (sounds yummy!). Nowhere in sight was the "customize-your-own" sandwich though.

closer look at the wrap.

Aside from wrap and the sandwich, Starbucks released two new drinks too --- Honey Orange Latte and Honey Orange Mocha. Although it was tempting, I wasn't in the mood to try new things that morning.  All I wanted was my wrap and my Raspberry Black Currant with a dash of strawberry syrup.. to go.

Cranky, much?

By the way, the promo period to collect stickers for the 2010 planners is extended until 15 January 2010.

Update: I tried the Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Sandwich and the Honey Orange Mocha today. The sandwich was so-so. I could've made it at home with better nutella spread. The drink was ok, not bad but nothing great. And I doubt  everyone would like it. Imagine your mocha or latte with added orange zest pieces.. because that's exactly how it tastes like. (01/08/10)


  1. Mmm...The southern lime chicken and roasted corn wrap looks good. Might try that later.

  2. yeah vee, i agree. the photo here looks enticing! i think i'll drop by starbucks also one of these days to try that.

  3. vea. its yummy! although it might taste bland for some people who're used to flavorful wraps.

    liz. i wanna try the chocolate hazelnut banana sandwich next! sounds sinful :)) tell me if you see other new sandwiches/wraps in starbucks.

  4. my ultimate fave is their tomato-mozzarella-basil on multigrain bagel :D so good and sulit for P95.

  5. pinkcookies. that's my favorite, too! thanks for visiting :) i'll drop by your blog now.


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