Kérastase Up For Grabs!

I was never really into beauty products.  I don't have day, night or eye creams, I barely wear make-up.  But for some reason 2010 seems to be the kikay year for me.  I've never been so interested in beauty products! But because I'm not really the heavy make-up type, my kikay phase tends to lean towards skin and hair care products instead.

Which is why i felt hairinmanila.com's post was so serendipitous!  I was really supposed to post an entry about beauty products i saw in Rustan's when I chanced upon her post.  To start the year right, she's giving away this...

The prize.

The kit contains every Kérastase mini shampoo, masque, conditioner and night treatment ever released!  Wow right? 

Open sesame!

And it's so easy to join!  All you have to do is write about this contest in your facebook wall, personal blog, multiply account, myspace and other social networking site.  That's it! 

A closer look.

So now I'm crossing my fingers hoping that my name gets called on January 9!  Timely too since I recently got my hair colored.  My personal hairstylist specifically told me to buy lots of Kérastase products to prevent permanent damage.

Thanks again to hairinmanila for having this contest!


  1. Nice! Sobrang heaven ang hair products.Ü

  2. russ. well, if i win this, this will be my first kikay hair thingie. haha! was never really a fan of beauty/hair products. they're nice but they were never really my thing. now lang! i dunno. T said 2010 is the year to be vain! ;)

  3. Thanks for joining the contest Joei :D Good luck!!!!

  4. birdie. thanks for letting me join ;) goodluck to all of us!

  5. goodluck to both of us joei! here's hoping. ;-)

  6. liz. i know! i soooo want this. hehehe. goodluck also! ;)

  7. I joined, too! :) Awesome prize! Goodluck to the both of us! Haha! - Elora

  8. elora. crossing my fingers! im super loving the set !! by the way, enable your open id so i can post comments on your blog ;)


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