Happy Mondays.

When you have to drag yourself out of bed, mumbling and grumbling all the way to the bathroom, you know it's a Monday!  But i hate it that I'm becoming miss cranky girl each and every day.  Gosh.  I don't want to end up like the grinch!  So, I told myself that starting today, I'm going to make it a point to find a happy thought in everything I do regardless of whether it's a Monday or a Friday.  I guess, it also helps that I'm doing Project 365

<------------ this probably was what the Starbucks barrista was referring to in my last post.

So, no to the grinch and hello to sunshine! Agree?  how about you.. What's your happy thought for today?


  1. i too plan to make project 365. but wil start next month and by batch of 7.

    Pixel Bug Weekend is a photo meme posted on Mondays. share anything that happened on your weekend.

    Join us dear. just click the badge :)

    Have a glamorous week!

  2. kero. making it by batches of 7 is a good idea! makes it more feasible to do, too ;)

    about pixel bug weekend, sure! i'd love to. so i'll just get a badge from your site whenever i write about my weekend?

  3. Glad you had a pretty good start. Di naman ako macoffee so ill try the Chicken Wrap na lang from your previous post. Siguro one of these days when DJ hits Starbucks. Exams week na eh so for sure, it's one of our destinations this week.

  4. vea. try my non-coffee favorite drink.. raspberry black currant! ;)

  5. PBW is a great meme. I just joined too. Its a great place to cap off your weekend. Seeing that you love pictures, you'll enjoy the meme too. See you there!

  6. mommy judy. i'd love to join you guys. ill start next week ;)


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