The Goose Station.

My friends and I are always planning to meet and catch up but because of our busy schedules, our plans never really push through.  Finally, I got to double date with Kat and Paul at this place I've always wanted to try out --- The Goose Station.

I heard about The Goose Station around two months ago but I was a bit hesitant to try it since T and I are more into big servings of comfort food (gluttons!) rather than small portions of tasty cuisine.    But since one of my new year's resolutions is to try something new, I figured this would be the perfect venue for our little get together.

"Degustation is a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company."

The place is a bit hard to find if you're not familiar with the area because the restaurant is located in a building which is not part of that familiar strip where Bonifacio High Street and Serendra are.  But in case you get lost, just ask the roaming guards or traffic enforcers for the W Tower.  Those guys know their buildings  and obviously, that's how we found our way.

Kat made reservations for 8:30 but T and I decided to go there a little earlier in case traffic gets bad around the area.  So while waiting for them, we snacked on some bread. It was sweet-tasting and freshly baked.  Plus, it went perfectly with the butter they gave us.  On this note, I have to commend the servers of The Goose Station.  There wasn't a single moment that my bread plate and water glass were empty.   


T and I ordered wine, too.  I got the 2006 Parallele 45 (P230/$5 per glass or P1,000/$20 per bottle) while T got the 2006 Louis Jadot (P350/$6 per glass or P1,500/$30 per bottle).  He also got Scotch on the Rocks (P150/$3).

Guests have a choice of getting The Signature Menu consisting of a 10-course meal (P2,500/$50) or The Express Menu consisting of a 5-course meal (P1,700/$35).  But if you don't have stomach space even for a 5-course meal,  not to worry.  You can still order all of the items ala carte.  That evening, everyone chose the express menu because 10 courses sounded kind of heavy for us.     

1st course
Foie Gras Cones.

Now, let me walk you through my first degustation experience.  It all started with foie gras cones.  Not only were they cute, those cones were delish! I made only slow and little bites out of it so i can savor the flavor.

2nd course
potato glass, truffle puff and
prociutto guava macaroon

I found it nice how the servers explained each course every time they place it on the table.  They even tell you which ones to eat first.  According to our server, it was better to eat the potato glass first then the truffle puff and leave for last the prociutto guava macaroon.  And he was right!

3rd course
1. roasted squash soup.
   (corn, allspice froth, bilbao, hazelnuts)

T got the roasted squash soup.  i just found it so-so.  i've tasted better squash soup. the only unique thing about this dish is the bilbao.

2. eggs benedict.
    (poached egg, hollandaise foam, bacon tuile, fleur de sel, white truffle oil)  

honestly, i don't eat eggs because they make me feel queasy.  but since kat was gushing so much about it, i decided to try it out.  and i'm glad i did!  the eggs benedict was really so, so good.  it was creamy but light.  plus, the stick of bacon was perfect as it added the salty flavor it needed to complete the dish.  definitely my favorite of them all. 

3. beet garden
   (davao goat's cheese, boursin, textures of orange, corn, walnut - gingerbread "soil",
   pickled carrot, leaves)

another option for the 3rd course is the beet garden but nobody ordered it.  from what i heard though, it's a mixture of greens and fruit arranged like a garden.  hence, the name.

4th course
unagi-foie gras terraine.
(apple tartare, brioche, gingerbread and chocolate)

5th course
1. duo of lamb
    (rosemary lamb loin, sous vide lamb ribs, horseradish potato puree, seared mushroom, port jus)

T got the duo of lamb.  but because i don't eat lamb, i can't tell you how it tasted like.  i heard bad reviews about it in the past though so i asked T how it was and he said it was good.  so let's just take his word for it, shall we? ;)

2. fideua negra.
    (morcilla, seared scallop, aioli foam, tomato - saffron citronette)

i remember an entry in my baby book: dislikes - black food especially squid ink.  i would never eat anything black.  NEVER.  so ordering this was a big step for me.  and surprisingly, i liked it!  i like how there were crunchy parts in the pasta.  the cream was just right, not overpowering.  so there wasn't any umay factor even after finishing the entire plate.

3. steak.
   (black angus rib eye, homemade steak sauce, truffle whipped potatoes, buure schublig,
   peas, crisp onions)

this was the 3rd option for the main course.  no one ordered this though.  probably had something to do with the extra P990 charge for the steak.  honestly, i didn't understand this concept.  why include it in the express menu when there's an additional charge if you order it?  they should've just placed it in another category all together.  but i have to commend the servers once again for explaining this caveat to us.  it would've been a problem if they didn't.

6th course
1. chocolate candy bar
    (earl grey mousse, ganache, bisquit, sinful)

T got the chocolate candy bar.  i took a bite and it was ok.  not bad but nothing great.

2. bread pudding
    (brioche pudding, bacon - maple syrup, dark chocolate serbet)

initially, i wanted the chocolate candy bar.  but since T ordered it, i chose the other option which was the bread pudding.  and good thing i did!  it was superb!  the mix of bacon and pudding and serbet... yum yum yum.  my next favorite after the eggs benedict.

7th course

thinking it was over, we were ready to settle our bill.  but the servers went to our table and gave us this surprise.  i'm not sure what it's called but it's a sweet dessert akin to a cookie.  perfect way to end the meal.

expectedly, we were all so full and satisfied after our 7-course meal.  liking the ambiance, we stayed and chatted for a bit.  

i'd recommend this place for family and group dinners and even dates. just make sure you're ready to shell out at least P1,700 for the express menu.  because though they have the option of ordering food ala carte, i think the point of going to the goose station is for you to have your very first degustation experience there.  but that's just me :) 

The Goose Station
Dining Date: 18 January 2010

W Tower
1117 39th Street
Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City

(02) 556-9068
(0917) 854-6673


  1. Yay! :)

    My personal favorites:
    bread and butter
    truffle puff (then again, i do love anything with truffle or the essence of truffle ;))
    one part of the lamb duo (coz i dint get to try the other part anymore)
    pudding! so yum!
    * and they do have good wine ;)

    Paul and I had the same issue with the extra charge for the steak. It really dint make any sense. Hehe

    On our way home, paul asked me if I wanted to go back there again. And I said, not so soon. We practically had everything in their ala carte menu already. On second thought, maybe I will for the pudding. I really loved it ;)

  2. Definitely a must-try resto. I love the food that you featured.

    PS... the suede boots need a replacement... that's why I tried to soak it in the rains... I need a good excuse to buy a new one. hehehe!

  3. kat. true! but knowing us two, i'm pretty sure we're coming back soon coz we'll be craving for the eggs benedict or the bread pudding ;)

    leah. i like how you think! :)) really love the whole outfit. lots of layers but so put together!

  4. kat. p.s. thanks for the input about the lamb. i really can't get myself to eat lamb (chops play-along :P) so i have zero feedback.

  5. Haha, yeah nga! I asked paul how "the other part of the duo" was, he said he dint like it so much. It was a bit too sweet for his taste daw, but he loved the other one. It was cooked perfectly kasi and it had excellent flavor ;)

  6. kat. maybe that was the sous vide lamb ribs? but i really wouldn't know :)) btw, let's schedule our next dinner date. this time with polay and jay!

  7. No, the other one, the lamb loin. That's what we liked ;) The ribs daw ung sweet :)

  8. Thanks for joining FoodTripFriday and wowowiiiii, you start with a bang!!! :D

  9. kat. oooohhh. sorry. im clueless when it comes to lamb :))

    foodtrip friday. happy to join the group coz T & i love to eat! ;)

  10. Wahhhh ginutom naman ako with your fod entries lol. It looks like a very fine dining place. The ambiance is so romantic too.

    Thanks a lot for the comments.

  11. chubskulit. more food entries to come! ;) thanks for visiting, too.

  12. Ooh, THIS restaurant I want to try, Joei! I LOVE eggs benedict! How's the hollandaise sauce? That's usually where restaurants go wrong with eggs benedict

  13. anna. soooooo good! you should try it. even just for the eggs benedict! :)

  14. awww! nice find sissy! :) keep it coming! :)

  15. Marice. Can't believe it's been a year since we first went here :) Happy Valentines!


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