Metro Manila's Hidden Gems: The Frazzled Cook.

T and I chanced upon two great hole-in-the-wall places in one day.  Let me start by introducing you to one of them.  Excuse the blurry pictures though.  My camera's battery was acting up so all I had for photos during dinner was my iPhone.

"From the chef that brought you Fat Michael's, comes this family run restaurant serving home-cooked comfort food set in a quirky bistro style ambiance. This is an emerging trend in the food business all over the world. Inspired by bistros at the 10th Arrondissement in Paris, Greenwich Village in New York and Chelsea in London, our group envisions this trend to be a feasible venture here in the heart of Manila."

"THE AMBIANCE: It is a merry mix of the old and the new, East and West, traditional and cosmopolitan.  It is not your typical restaurant set up. Tables and chairs will be different, china and cutlery will not be uniform. No rules will be set in theme and decor. Like how your grandmother decorates her own house, but with a twist."

"THE CUISINE:  Like its decor, the food will have no boundaries when it comes to regionalistic origins.  We shall offer Spanish, as well as Mediterranean, Italian, and even American classic comfort food. There is something to enjoy for every individual, young and old alike."

The restaurant is fairly new as it opened during the latter part of 2009.  T and I really didn't plan on eating here.  We were just in the area.

Two reasons which almost stopped me from suggesting this place to T:

1. All I've ever read about this restaurant are bad reviews.
2. It was so close to another favorite hole-in-the-wall of ours.

But since T and I absolutely adore Fat Michael’s (they're managed by the same people),  we decided to give it a shot. 

T and I started by ordering a small pitcher of iced tea (P275/$6).  A larger pitcher is available for a bigger group.  I love the brew of their iced tea.  It’s actually the same one from Fat Michael's.  


For starters, I got the Potato and Basil Chowder with Prosciutto (P150/$3).  It was good but splitting an order wasn't such a good idea.  After a few sips and bites, the soup was all gone.  

For the salad, T chose the Herbed Chicken Salad with Basil Vinaigrette (P275/$6) without him knowing it was the same thing he ordered the last time we were at Fat Michael's :) 

Honestly, I couldn't pinpoint the difference but I prefer the salad at Fat Michael's.  I guess, the dressing and the chicken in Fat Michael's salad was a little bit more tasty while the one here in The Frazzled Cook was a bit bland.

For the main course, T got the Wagyu Salpicao (P550/$11).  Finally a dish we liked!  I had a few bites out of this and it was superb.  The meat was so soft, almost melts in your mouth.  A must-try!

I got the Lengua with Mushrooms, Corn and Mashed Potatoes (P350/$7).  Serving size is great, two people can share it.  Actually, I don't eat lengua.  I'm just doing the 'trying-new-things-this-new-year' and ordered this dish.  This dish is tasty but after tasting T's main, I wish I ordered that instead.

T and I were both actually very full to the brim but we wanted to try their dessert. The Strawberry Shortcake (P220/$4.50) had the best-seller sign beside its name on the menu, so that's what we ordered.  It was fairly good.  My favorite part was the frozen strawberry on top.

To go with our dessert, T ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate (P80/$1.50) while i got a Teapot of Chamomile Tea (P150/$3).

T and I enjoyed our dining experience here.  The food was good, the ambiance was great.  We felt like we were in Fat Michael's, only in a bigger venue.  So I'm not really sure why this place gets bad reviews because if you asked me if we'll go back here again?  We'd definitely say yes.  

The Frazzled Cook
Dining Date: 21 January 2010

916 Luna Mencias St.
Barangay Additional Hills
Mandaluyong City

(02) 782-5980


  1. Oooh, wanted to try this place coz I love Fat Michael's! :D

    Was gonna suggest this nga for our triple date eh :p Anyway, the wagyu salpicao is what I really wanna try, and apparently, it dint disappoint ;)

  2. kat. was going to suggest this for our triple date, too! but we were so hungry and we were in the area so... :)

    i know another place where we can go. let's just schedule when!

  3. Hi Joei!

    I'm soooo dense. Your mention of Fat Michael's puts you in Makati! You're from Manila too! I love that resto. The hubby used to take me there a lot until my lunch hour became impossible for me to travel the distance and still be back to fetch the son on time.

    I love your blogsite. I have a Canon point-and-shoot now but I have to change it soon. The quality is not giving me what I want anymore. Trouble is, my funds went to obsene shopping purchases the past months so I'm kicking myself all over right now.

    Hope we can do a bloggers meet sometime?! There are those cute girls from Indonesia who keep doing it. I'm totally envious!

  4. nina. yes.. i'm from manila, too! ;)

    thanks for the compliment on my site. was into blogging since 2002 but i keep switching from one platform to another so my entries are scattered all across the internet. hopefully, this would be my last switch.

    about the camera, why don't you get the panasonic mini dslr i mentioned yesterday? it's small enough to be carried around in a handbag. (and yes, i know what you mean about fashion purchases!)

    a blogger's meet sounds great! if you get to organize one, be sure to tell me ;)

  5. ooh, i like the place from your photos....pero food is expensive!!

    enjoy the rest of the week, pretty lady!

  6. kero. i'm thinking maybe that's why this place gets bad reviews. the cookbook kitchen (another hole-in-the-wall just a jump away from the frazzled cook) offers good food at a much cheaper price.

    but i still have to give it to the frazzled cook for having the better setting :)

  7. OOH! Sige sige, pag maligaw in Mandaluyong, I know where to go. OR better yet, tell D to bring me there ☮.♥.☆

  8. russ. yes! perfect date place when he gets back ;)

  9. The place looks really quaint and yes, it does remind me of Greenwich in NY! :)

  10. miles. the place is really nice.. shabby chic. it's a mixture of everything. their utensils are even hello kitty :P

  11. It does look like a really nice place, and the food looks pretty good too. Glad you enjoyed the evening.

  12. sher. thanks sher! can't wait to read about your trip to paris :)

  13. Oh you're making me so hungry with these pics!!

    I really really adore the cozy interior and homey feel to the place! I would definitely feel at home at a place like this:)


  14. sher. too bad i only had my phone with me. the pictures were a bit blurry :s

  15. ooh it sounds like an interesting place to visit! maybe i'll invite my friends to go there one time although i guess i should try fat michael's first because that's already in my vicinity and yet i've never been there!

  16. Bukas pa pala Fat Michael's? The one in Makati! ooh, post address please!

    And Joei, I noticed you changed blog titles na, hehe. I voted for Drama Queen before. Definitely, Maybe is one of my husband Pao's all time favorite movies(but shhhh hahaha). I kinda like Milk & Cookies though. Or why don't you use The Real Elle Woods? I think I saw that in your profile write up before.

  17. wow! the food looks sumptuous. the place reminds me of cafe juanita though.

  18. lizzie. you should! fat michael's or the frazzled cook.. whichever. same food, only one's bigger than the other :)

    anna. fat michael's is in bangkal, makati. hard to find though ;) i'll give you directions when i get back to manila.

    about my blog title, it isn't final yet. i'm just seeing which one fits my blog by putting it in the header portion. i like the real elle woods, too. can't decide! :P

  19. erlyn. actually, the frazzled cook is near cafe juanita. although to be fair to them, fat michael's been around for a while also. quaint and quirky has always been their style :)

  20. Hi,Joei! This place looks interesting as well as the food. I should visit this one of these days.

  21. sassy mom. yes, it is an interesting place. something worth trying :)

  22. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


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