Boracay (part 2): A Relaxing Day at Shangri-La.

Because we really enjoyed our stay in Discovery Shores during our 2008 Boracay trip, T and I always compare all resorts to it!  So, expect a lot of Shangri-La Boracay versus Discovery Shores match-up throughout this entry.

Inside Room 530

Room-wise, I'd choose Discovery Shoes over Shangri-la.  It was much more spacious and the set-up was a little bit less hotel-ish stiff.  But we do have our favorites in Room 530:  T lusted over the HD television set that you can swivel while I loved the day beds in our balcony.

Bathroom-wise, Shangri-La Boracay wins! Too bad I can't find the picture I took of my favorite part of the bathroom --- the his & hers sinks! But here's a picture of my second favorite part, the bathtub!  What's cool about this set-up is that it allows you to watch TV while taking a relaxing bubble bath.

As for the toiletries, Discovery Shores provided their own (Rustans-made, I think) while Shangri-La carried L'Occtaine.   This started our obsession with the brand.

Shangri-la Boracay even had power detergent and hair bands.  Talk about complete!  But since Discovery Shores gave me cute giveaways, including a straw hat and a native bag filled with goodies (facial mask and VMV Armada sunblock), I can't really decide who wins the toiletries slash goodies race!


After freshening up, T and I went to Vintana to have breakfast.  WOW!  I was overwhelmed with the spread. There was so much food!

Upon entering the breakfast area, T and I were greeted with breakfast shooters, which are shots of special fruit juice. I wasn't able to take photos of all sections of the breakfast buffet because I was too busy salivating over everything else.

During my stay in Shangri-La Boracay, I always start my breakfast with frozen oats or muesli, bread, and cheese while T goes straight to the main entrees.

I then check out their drink selection because they change it daily.  If I don't like anything from the juice section, I go over to the milk section and get mango milk.  Only when I feel really hungry do I go over to the appetizer and salad section.  Otherwise, I go straight to the main entrees.
The first corner of the main table contain Chinese dishes like dimsum and deli.  In the middle is the salad bar.  The next row are filled with so much food that I feel like I'm eating in Shangri-La Makati's Circles or Edsa Shangri-La's Heat!  The next stop would be the omelet station and then the noodle station.

In the next island beside the bread and cheese section are different sweets --- pancakes, pastries, cupcakes, waffles, the works.  I love this station.

I always end my breakfast with a majorly cheese omelet and a fruit-laden pancake.  T ends his with a cup of mango yogurt.

What I find amusing is the set of various jams placed on our table.  I noticed that after each guest leaves, the used jams are replaced by new sealed ones! 

The Beaches and The Pool Area

Shangri-la Boracay has two beaches --- Punta Bunga beach and their own private beach.  Punta Bunga Beach is a stretch of white sand that Shangri-La Boracay shares with other resorts and native homes in the area.  But since Shangri-La Boracay's property occupies most of it, it's usually just their guests hanging out there.  On the other hand, the private beach is what its name connotes it to be --- a beach only for their guests.  

What I like most about Discovery Shores is its little 'special' perks for guests --- unlimited juice and lemon water, cucumber for the eyes and orange peels for the face, Evian spray in case it was getting a bit hot and the best part of them all, unlimited cookies, snow cones and snacks!  Shangri-La Boracay has, well, nothing.  

We didn't mind that their drinks were priced higher than the usual (say P600/$20 per glass) since Shangri-La Boracay is a 6-star (yes, not 5 but 6) resort.  But T's drink tasted like crap while my drink didn't even feel like it had alcohol in it.  I'm not a heavy drinker and feel dizzy at the tiniest bit of alcohol consumption but I already had 2 glasses of Tequila Sunrise for happy hour and felt nothing.

On the first day, T and I decided to stay at the private beach so we could also explore the nearby pool area.  This is when we first experienced our great big disappointment in Shangri-La Boracay.  Servers just passed us while walking, not asking whether we needed any towels or if we wanted to order food.  When we finally settled in our beach chairs, we had a hard time calling the attention of servers for our drinks.   As for the towels, we had to wait a LONG time to get them.

Unlike in Discovery Shores where, as soon as entered the beachfront, attendants, ready with our towels and juice, greeted us and asked us if there was anything else that we needed.

Mind you, it was just me and T plus another couple there at that time.  So there is not excuse for this.  They can't say that it was because there was a rush of people or anything like that.

But I have to give it to Shangri-La Boracay when it comes to their pool area.  Discovery Shores has only one pool that we have to share with all the other guests and rowdy kids.  Shangri-La Boracay didn't have a pool, they had a lagoon!

And since the area was big and it had a lot of nooks and crannies, it was possible to have complete privacy.

While I was swimming and wading about, I felt like I was in the movie, The Blue Lagoon.  It was just so beautiful! 

There was even a number of jacuzzis.  Unlike in Discovery Shores where there was only one, which are usually being invaded by kids.  Shangri-La Boracay definitely wins over Discovery Shores in this round.


T declared this to be his signature pose.  He will be doing this compulsory shot in all of our travels where there's a pool.

I love this shot taken by T. 

The Sunset

They say Shangri-La Boracay's Solana has the best sunset in all of Boracay.   So we spent happy hour there and waited for dusk.   

Order any entree and get a glass of bottomless sangria for free!  the servers in this restaurant were uber nice!  they gave us appetizers on the house composed of olives, nuts and dried mangoes while waiting for our sangrias. Interestingly, the bartender used to work with Discovery Shores. 

i don't know if i can describe it well but each table is placed alongside a cliff so you'd get a view of the whole ocean.  plus, you really get your own space since each table was on a different part of the cliff.   T and i stayed there until an hour after the sun went down.  we had to transfer to the bar just beside solana because it was getting a little chilly already.


to those not familiar with turndown service, it's hotel practice of folding back the blanket and bedsheets in the evening accompanied with some little cute reminder like candies, chocolates or flowers. 

discovery shores wins the best turn down, unanimously.  to start off, discovery shores leaves you different sweets for their turn down service while shangri-la only provides you with water and an ice bucket.  plus, i have a HUGE RANT regarding shangri-la's turn down policy but i'm going to reserve it for my end post.

still to be continued...


  1. OMG. I now have this huge dilemma because of your post ... still the Camarines + Caramon vs. Commonplace Boracay. Hahaaa! Maarte kase ako, soooo my bathroom has to be nice ─ may standards dapat pag sa bathroom. Hehe. I think you know what I mean.Ü And none of the people I know who've been to Caramoan gave good reviews about the places where they stayed, hindi pa rin ganun ka-developed.
    Ang sarap ng higa ni T dun sa isang photo. Hahahaa!

  2. russ. the cwc-caramoan trip is more of a backpacker's retreat. although now there's a nice resort on the main shore. before, huts lang talaga so we all had to stay at inns in the town proper.

    and yes, that's his official pose. check his profile pic in facebook (that's in another place but almost the same post ;))

  3. hindi ko kinaya ang solo shot mo in the infinity pool! ang gandaaaaa!!! so peaceful...

  4. Ohmygosh Joei! I'm so jealous! Looking at those photos you posted, without a doubt this has got to be one heck of a great out of town trip! love the food shots you can almost salivate just by looking at it - imagining just how scrumptious a feast that is. :-)

  5. ivy. that's my favorite shot too. sigh. i wanna have that 'peaceful and relaxing' day again.

    liz. there were tons of photos of food in my computer. it was so hard to choose the best ones to post! ;)

  6. *sigh* I wanna have a real getaway just like what you and T had. I wanna experience Bora at its best too but somehow, Bora still stings my heart. =(

  7. a very lovely post, Joie. I've been to Bora when i was in gradeschool so i missed all the fun for grown-ups. you make me want to bring hubby there hihi. i gotta to convince him though.....he think Bora is too commercial :(

    I lurrve all the photos. you and T make a lovely couple!! i go for the l'occitane organic products. btw, Burj Al Arab has Hermes toiletries for the residents. you might wanna try when you come here for holiday :)

    thank you so much for the visit!

  8. mother! i looove the pool part! but is shangri-la really worth it for the prize?

    i love hotel freebies though hehe.

    nice pics and animations! :p

  9. hello joei:)thanks for support me :)

  10. I love that last shot... so serene and so beautiful.

    Of course, for me Shangrila is the best just because of the bath products. I even tip the housekeeping to give me more. Tapos, they were wondering, who on earth can finish 3 bottles of body wash in a day? Hahaha! I'm hoarding that's why.

  11. vea. awww.. i know :( don't worry. you're gonna have your boracay getaway soon, im sure!

    kero. always a pleasure to visit your site :) anyway, yes! you should bring hubby to boracay (if he thinks its too commercialized, you guys can stay in shangri-la!).

    btw, Burj Al Arab has Hermes toiletries for the residents.
    wow! i'll tell T about that ;)

  12. koryn. to be honest, i'd choose discovery shores over shangri-la. reserving my rants for the last part of the post (so as not to ruin the whole blog entry ;)). see you tomorrow! excited. hehehe.

    nopai. no problem! you have every right to get mad at those people who posted mean things on your blog.

  13. leah. hahaha! i'd probably do that in burj al arab with their Hermes products (right kero? ;))

  14. I LOVE L'OCCITANE! And I LOVE the pictures! :D Looks like it was an awesome vacay!!! Good for you and t ;)

  15. kat. i hope we can all go on a trip together soon! how about this summer?

    "Looks like it was an awesome vacay!!! Good for you and t ;)"
    it was! but so different from our old boracay trips, huh? ;)

    T fell in love with it, too! i think that's what triggered his extreme 'kikoy-ness' now :))

  16. hey girl, looks like you had an awesome vacay ! i dont know if i already mentioned, but i'd love to exchange links : ) i just linked yours.

    xx lue

  17. lue. thanks! linked you up as well :)

  18. You're such a lucky girl! Looks like paradise to me!!

    I'm drooling after the food lol...


  19. It looks like you had such an amazing time. The weather looks so great: I'm so jealous! And the beach looks so relaxing!

  20. sher. food was delish! ;)

    sherin. it was an amazing vacation though it rained the last morning that we were there :)

  21. oh gosh im drroolling with envy now hahah wish i could go there some time!

    thanks for the visit sissy :)

  22. marice. try to ask your hubby to go on this trip sometime. you're giving him a casio pathfinder anyway ;)

  23. How much are the entree's at Solana? are they pricey? :)

  24. no namer :). the usual shangri-la range. 400 pesos and up, if i'm not mistaken.

  25. I love your blog especially the nice shot..


    what toppings of YUMMY OMELETTE??
    it look delicious, simple but look yummy

    Tanya Gemarin

  26. tanya. it's got all vegetables and mushrooms on it plus lots and lots and lots of cheese! ;) i'll be dropping by your blog now. thanks for visiting!

  27. hi! i'm glad to have read your blog specially your comparison of shangri-la & discovery. my husband & i will be in bora next year & i'm torn between the two. i want to have a memorable time with my hubby.. what do you suggest? thanks!

    1. ANONYMOUS. Hi! If you want alone time with the husband, I suggest Shangri-la :)

  28. hi! help please.. i'm torn between shangri la & discovery. can you please help me choose? thanks!

    1. MITCH. It depends on what your plans are :) If you want to drink and spend time at the main beach, I'd say Discovery. Plus, they have excellent service, too! But if you're going as a couple and want to have time alone away from everyone else, then go for Shangri-la.

  29. I'll take note of that. Thanks! :)


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