Boracay (part 1): Welcome to Shangri-La.

For the holidays, T and I decided to go to Boracay since we haven't been there recently.  the only question left for us was what resort to book.  Initially, we thought of Discovery Shores since we stayed there the last time we went to Boracay and LOVED it!  But wanting to try something new, we decided on Shangri-La.

Shangri-La.  A fictional place.  A mystical, harmonious valley gently guided from a lamasery enclosed in the western end of the kunlun mountains.  Any earthly paradise.  A permanently happy land isolated from the outside world.

disclaimer:  because we really enjoyed our stay in Discovery Shores (another resort in Boracay), it felt like an ex we compared Shangri-La to!  So please bear with my Shangri-La versus Discovery Shores match-up throughout this entry.

The Lounge.

from caticlan airport, uniformed shangri-la crew greeted us with signs. they asked us our names and directed us to the van.  i was a bit disappointed with the vehicle we were led to though.  back in 2008, we were really impressed with the discovery shores van that pick us up.  it was shiny, brand new and very sweet smelling.  the shangri-la van looked like an old van and smelled kind of musty.  later, we learned that there were 2 groups that were being picked up from the airport.  the lucky 1st group got the shangrila van while we got the other van that shangrila probably borrowed from seair.

the only upside to shangrila is that they have their own lounge.  discovery shores shares their lounge with fairways though im not so sure if this holds true until today.

The Shangri-La lounge has nice amenities.  The bathrooms are clean, the seats are comfortable.  It's a plus that they have an HD television set too! However, I'd have to say Discovery Shores has better lounge service.  Their crew always made sure we were ok and we that had what we need... every 5 minutes! On the contrary, the Shangri-La staff just gave our welcome drinks and that was it.

Just like Discovery Shores, a private speedboat will pick you up from the port.  I think Shangri-La Boracay wins the match over who has the cooler speedboat.

cool lifevests!

Welcome, Welcome.

Since Shangri-La is located in another cove, the speedboat took us directly to the resort.  Upon arriving at Shangri-La's own port, we were welcomed by a girl named Sybil, who then led us to the golf cart that will bring us to the lobby.

From the lobby, we were immediately led up to our rooms.  Good thing I requested for early check-in because it was only around 6:30 in the morning when we arrived.  T and I are still a bit sleepy.

The Room.


  1. What I like about Shangri-la is being a little "secluded", like you have your own world.Ü
    They opened Caticlan Airport again? Buti naman! OMG, natawa ako here: commonplace Boracay. I super agree. D & I are choosing between Camarines + Caramoan AND Boracay. Parang Boracay (na namana). Hehe. The other two places, we haven't been there.Ö

  2. russ. true, but you know what? we had rants about seclusion. it's good for about 2 days or so but after that, you'll be craving for long beach! or maybe it was shang's bad service. i'll write about it in the end. ill stick with more raves than rants first ;)

    about caticlan airport, ya. its opened already but only zest air can fly. hence, major expensive airfare! MONOPOLY!!! unfair.

    caramoan is in camarines right? it's really nice! but when i got to see caramoan, it was still super 'raw'. they say a lot has changed since i've last been there, that's why i wanna go back with T soon! you guys should go caramoan instead of boracay, for a change ;)

  3. Nabitin naman ako..Can't wait for the next post. :)

  4. vea. was sleepy by the time i got to the room part (coz i was doing the post and at the same time helping T and his brother do their puzzle :)) i'll continue writing today since i begged off work anyway(strained my ankle last night while walking in 3.5 inch heels!)

  5. hey girl, thanks so much for stopping by. i LOVE the layout of your blog. you've got some serious html skills, no lie ; )

    xx lue

  6. lue. thanks! hope you get to fix your photos. wanna see your mom's vintage fendi glasses ;)

  7. sorry love ! it should be working now. thanks for letting me know ! photobucket is a pain in the butt.

    ps. of course i'd love to exchange links : ) just let me know whenever ure ready ! xx

  8. finally, chang!!! wala akong mga links ek-ek kasi i want to protect my friends from stalkers, haha:) anyhoo, i'll regularly check your site at magco-comment ako lagi. pangako. mwah!

  9. ivy. true! protect us from stalkers ;)) ill visit you always, too. finally.. im back!

  10. hi! thanks for dropping by my site!

    linked you up already. will come back! :)

  11. skulgirltrx. linked you up too :) thanks for the visit!

  12. Looks like a great place to stay! I love your pictures and how you doodled over them, they look more personal and happy that way:)

    Can't wait to see your part 2!!


  13. sher. thanks! im about to finish part 2 already ;)

  14. I asked friends, Caramoan doesn't have the Boracay feel daw. If we want nightlife, they don't have it (yet). The activity lang ata in Caramoan is island-hopping.Ö I'm a little undecided. If you go to Camarines Sur, aside from wakeboarding what else can you do?
    I'll talk to D. We'll see.

  15. russ. your friends are right. ZERO nightlife in caramoan. what we did actually was go to cwc then caramoan. but you need a few days for it since caramoan is still far away from naga.

    if you want the nightlife beach thing, i'd suggest boracay still :)

  16. hi! was researching on Discovery vs Shang blog posts and came across this. I was wondering why I can't search for the 3rd part? The ranting part that is :)


  17. LOREN2110. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. The last installment was accidentally deleted from my drafts folder. But I intend to rewrite and republish it one of these days.

    In any case, I vote for Discovery Shores for better service and ShangriLa for better facilities :)


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