My New Runningmate.

The Nike+ Sportsband 2.0 is one of the best gifts I've received this Christmas! While running, the band gives the distance being covered, pace, calories being burned, and time spent running. It does all of these through a sensor inserted in a pair of Nike+ compatible running shoes.

I love that it's hot pink!

To make it even more interesting, the band comes with a program so all of your runs could be uploaded to a customized Nike profile. In idle mode, the band acts as a watch.

Details of my first run using the band.

You can set goals such as run more often, run further, burn calories and run faster.   For my first try, I chose burn calories.

Setting my goal.

You can also 'get' a coach to help you.  There are a number of trainings available on the site: Walk To Run, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Coach Jay's 5k.  I chose the last one since I'm a beginner.

The other Nike+ training programs.

If your friends have Nike+ sportsbands too, you can take them up on a challenge! The band is water resistant so you don't have to worry about it in case it rains while you run.  But I think the cutest feature of all is that you get to design your own mini!

Meet mini joei.

To be honest, never in a million years would I ever think of being addicted to running!  But thanks to a lot of sponsored races these days and this cool cool cool (did i say cool already? ;))  Nike + band, I think I'm joining the racing bandwagon for real.


  1. OMG Joei! I want. Hahaa!
    Parang ang OC nya, but I have to say it's the perfect "running buddy". Are you going hard core with running in 2010? Goodluck! See you one of the runs hopefully.

  2. russ. i knew you'd like it! ;) i dunno about being 'hardcore' but i wanna join another race! tell me if you or ben are joining any ha. but i think i can only muster enough strength for a 5k run (no 10ks for me yet!)

  3. Hahahaa! Yeah. Pang-5K pa lang ako. I hope to join a lot of those runs this year. Mas fun coz start pa lang ng year so ang daming puede salihan for sure! Sige, we'll tell you if ever we're joining one. I want a "running buddy" too ─ this year, I plan to not go to the gym, but instead get those videos na lang then run in my village :)

  4. russ. im game! i wanna collect singlets! hehehe.

    anyway, ben says the best one to join this january is the pse bull run. i still have to 'train' though. haven't been following my nike+ sched! :))

  5. It's cuteee! I saw one in Nike Eastwood and it was the last piece they had. I didn't get it because I didn't want to spend on something I might not stick with. Hehe. Maybe when I'm able to run 15 minutes without stopping I'll get one (kung may stock pa!). :))

  6. aya. you'll get motivated when you have this. i get oc with the goals set in my nike profile :))


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