A Different Kind of Monopoly: The World Edition.

Another amusing gift I received from T this Christmas.  He said the game is sooo me.  Why?  First, because I love to travel.  And second, because instead of good ol' cash, this board game uses debit cards!

Since it's the world edition, the usual Monopoly spaces are replaced with cities all over the world  --- Montreal, Riga, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and so on. 

And instead of the common houses and hotels, there are Asian pagodas, New England houses, European ski residences, African huts, Australian tin roofs and their corresponding hotels. 

The movers are likewise 'world-inspired' and are chosen randomnly for each Monopoly World board set.  I got an Inca mask (South America), a london cab (Europe), a kangaroo (Australia), a dragon (Asia) and a cowboy hat (North America).

A closer look at the debit cards.

Talk about keeping with the times!  I love it.  No fuss, no mess.  When you want to buy something, just insert your card, enter the amount and beep beep... transaction finished.  If you land on someone else's property and you have to pay rent, just insert both of your cards, enter the amount and beep beep... funds transferred.  Cool huh?  The only downside is....

No more cheating!


  1. i love your new monopoly! :-) im a big fan of the game.

  2. liz. me too! used to have the limited ed starwars monopoly (complete with serial no.. probably worth more now!) but i can't find it :s

  3. Joei, first off I love your layout, very nice :p Nice review of the game, I heard of it through one of my students. Lol how come people never give me any cool stuff like this hahahaha. Happy new year to you and your fam :P

  4. Hi Joei!

    YES, I would be beyond honored if you would post my link on your page!

    I hope 2010 brings you many nice surprises!

  5. luis. how come people never give me any cool stuff like this hahahaha. --> LOL! got a running band as well. but you REAL runners probably use another gadget to measure your time ;)

    nina. looking forward to reading more entries in 2010 :) happy new year!

  6. Wow!!!! I wanna get one too pero no one to play with naman. happy new year, Joei jo jo!

  7. vea. how about dj? i play with T and his sister. its really fun. and really for the oc at heart :))

    happy new year! glad to see almost all of us back in blogspot.


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