A Different Kind of Monopoly: The World Edition.

Another amusing gift I received from T this Christmas.  He said the game is sooo me.  Why?  First, because I love to travel.  And second, because instead of good ol' cash, this board game uses debit cards!

My New Runningmate.

The Nike+ Sportsband 2.0 is one of the best gifts I've received this Christmas! While running, the band gives the distance being covered, pace, calories being burned, and time spent running. It does all of these through a sensor inserted in a pair of Nike+ compatible running shoes.

I love that it's hot pink!

A New Year, A New Blog.

New Year's Resolution #1: 
Stop being fickle. 

I know I've been flip-flopping from Blogspot to other social networking sites but I think this last change is just about it.  So here I am welcoming the new year with a new (bang? ;)) blog.  

Happy 2010 everyone!