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Shopping at Duty Free Fiesta Mall.

During the 90s, I'd say going to Duty Free Philippines was more associated with balikbayans because traveling in and out of the country was mainly for business or visiting family. The only reason I am familiar with it is because my family travels often when I was younger and despite the availability of products abroad, we still make it a point to visit Duty Free when we get to the Philippines to buy products that would occupy too much space and weight in our luggage like chocolates, snacks, and canned goods (hello Palm corned beef and Spam!)

But now that traveling for vacation is quite common nowadays, I think you guys should check out what Duty Free has to offer after your trip. You would be surprised to see brands such as Kate Spade, Pandora, Lacoste, Longchamp, Coach, and Mac Cosmetics in prices much lower than boutiques and malls. They also have Japanese and Korean beauty products there as well as Nike, Adidas, and other sports and leisure brands. Ang dami talaga!

So read on and I'll give you a virtual tour of Duty Free Fiesta Mall.

T + J Wedding Diaries: Ceremony and Reception Highlights.

T and I can't believe we celebrated our first wedding anniversary already! We haven't picked photos for our wedding album yet so we went through the first batch of files two weeks ago. Let me share with you a few of our favorites.

Daisee's Bakeshop Turns 35.

Daisee's Bakeshop started only as a hobby and is now 35 years old! To celebrate this milestone, Daisee's relaunched a classic favorite of theirs, which is a good addition to your holiday parties or potlucks.

A Preview of Healthy Options' Christmas Collection 2018.

And just like that, it's that time of the year again.. Christmas! Have you made your list already? Come  and take a sneak peek into Healthy Options' Christmas Collection 2018 so you can get started on your gift shopping already. You'll definitely find something for your family and friends with this assortment of food and beauty products.

The Reason for My Hiatus.. Again.

I'm back! After traveling to three continents, five countries, and over 30 cities around the world.. Our journey has come to an end. During our trips, I made a conscious decision not to post (save for no-brainer IG stories and photos on memorable dates such as our 'elopement' in Vegas) because I didn't want to have to deal with the 21st century problem of worrying about what photo to post instead of enjoying every precious moment of our vacation and I have to tell you, the social media detox was the best decision ever. Plus, I'll get to relive those memories when I share our photos on my Instagram account @joeiandme and publish posts about our experiences here in my blog. Soon!