Dec 5, 2014

Swarovski's Fall/Winter 2014 Watch Collection.

Thinking of what to give that special lady in your life this Christmas?  Check out Swarovski's Fall/Winter 2014 Watch Collection!

Crystalline Bangle

Bold and eye-catching, the brand-new Crystalline bangle makes a strong fashion statement. Clean lines make way for crystal to be the star of the design. An impressive 1,700 cut crystal stones fill the stainless steel bracelet for a luxurious urban touch. A glamorous fashion accessory in its own right, this watch definitely makes an impression and will create a dramatic touch to any outfit.

Dec 4, 2014

Manila's Best Kept Restaurants 2014: Ziggurat Cuisine.

I'm happy that Ziggurat, an old favorite of mine, is the winner of Manila's Best Kept Restaurants this year under the category Middle Eastern cuisine.  I learned about this hole in the wall during my law school days since my fellow night owl blockmates and I were always on a lookout for nearby restaurants that are open 24 hours.  

Dec 3, 2014

McDonald's Christmas McFlurries and Apple Pie Ala Mode.

All diets should be put on hold this month with the release of all these special dishes.  Take for instance McDonald's newest line up of holiday desserts!

For those with a soft-spot for chocolate, the new Mudpie McFlurry with Oreo is for you—a merry mix of cookie goodness, rich chocolate sweetness, and vanilla soft-serve bliss in one frozen delight. 

What may be the next best thing to a white Christmas is the White Chocolate McFlurry with Oreo, made with the perfect combination of white chocolate mix-ins and cookie bits blended in your favorite vanilla soft-serve. 

Craving something sweet and savory? Give in to the Apple Pie Ala Mode, with its warm, crunchy cinnamon flavored Apple Pie resting on a bed of vanilla soft-serve, topped with a luscious drizzle of caramel syrup.  I can't wait to try this one!!!

The sheer bliss that only the classic Oreo McFlurry can bring is also still available to add to the holiday cheer. 

Dec 1, 2014

Krispy Kreme Christmas Holiday Doughnuts.

I can't believe it's December already.  Christmas is really just around the corner! Speaking of Christmas, have you seen the new Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts?   They're too cute to eat :p

Nov 28, 2014

Meet The New Faces of The Food Network & Asian Food Channel: Michele Lean and Sarah Benjamin.

If you remember from my previous post, the Asian Food Channel and the Food Network were looking for fresh faces to host their upcoming shows.   I would've tried out if I had the chance because talking about food and trying different cuisines is like THE dream job!

Luckily, I got to talk to these two lucky ladies who triumphed over hundreds of talent hopefuls during the search for the next 'Food Hero'.  Meet Sarah Benjamin from Singapore and Michele Lean, a Malaysian based in Beijing.

Hi Sarah and Michele! First of all, congratulations for winning Food Hero.
Michele: Thanks Joei! And thanks for taking the time to speak with us!
Sarah: Thank you!

Hello also Sarah! :)

Nov 27, 2014

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop: Make Your Own Cookies!

Remember when I took you on a mini virtual tour around Hole In The Wall yesterday?  Well, now I'll tell you about the first stall we tried there called Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, T and I went to Century City Mall to pick up my Ni Qua bag but we got lost and ended up in Hole In The Wall.    We were in a rush because T has an important basketball game in the afternoon so even if I haven't eaten lunch yet, I tried not to look at food lest I get hungry.

Nov 26, 2014

Hole in the Wall in Century Mall Makati.

Last weekend, T and I went to Century Mall in Makati to get the personalized Ni Qua bag which I designed during Patty Laurel's blog launch (read my post about Come Waste Your Time With Me).  I wasn't sure where the Ni Qua pop store was so we tried asking people and the elevator lady told us to check the 4th floor.  The Ni Qua pop up store wasn't on that floor but I'm glad we ended up there and saw this new place called Hole In The Wall.  

T and I went inside and were surprised with what we saw!

Nov 24, 2014

The New Commercenter Alabang Cinemas.


I don't know if other people from Alabang feel the same way but this is such a big deal to me.  I remember when we only had two movie theaters in Alabang, hence the name, Twin Cinemas.  Then came Alabang Town Center and we had two more.   It's been like this for a number of years, or probably even a decade, until the new Commercenter Alabang Cinemas.

Nov 23, 2014

Patty Laurel's Blog Launch: Come Waste Your Time With Me.

Last week, Patty Laurel had a relaunch of her blog "Come Waste Your Time With Me" through an intimate gathering with friends at Shine Bakery in SM Aura.  The blog is still housed at but now carries a new look. The color scheme is much simpler but prettier and has come a long way since the "Da Patty" days, earning the hashtag #nenenomore.

I've known Patty since high school and what I like most about her blog is that, like her, it's real.  People who read her blog and see my Instagram photos with Patty all ask me the same thing.. Is Patty how she is in her blog?  Well, if you find her super nice, down-to-earth, funny, and kenkoy by the way that she writes.. That's Patty in real life.   No pretense,  no nothing.  That's really how she is.  And I always tell people that I admire Patty for staying grounded even after all the fame and attention her beauty and talent (may bayad na to Patty!:D) have brought her.  But seriously, that's a rare trait seen in people nowadays and is totally worth mentioning.

Want a trivia about Patty in high school? In her blog, I know she talks about her bloopers and the nickname DAPAtty because she would always trip.  But I don't think she has ever wrote about how she was crowned as our Prom Queen!  Been trying to find a photo of us this whole week but no one has been successful in searching their baul.  But when I get ahold of one, I'll post it as  TBT pic for all you Patty Laurel fans out there ;) 

Anyway, back to the blog launch...

Nov 22, 2014

SuperModelMe Season 5 Returns to DIVA Universal.

Feisty Filipinas Irish Ong, 20, and Jasmine Ng, 21, are among this year’s roster of finalists for SupermodelMe – The Original Asian Supermodel Series – which follows 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage competing in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance their career in the fashion industry. Ong and Ng appeared in Manila’s Cav Wine Shop and CafĂ©, alongside fellow finalists, Brazilian-Japanese twins Rafaella and Gabriela Leonardo. 

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