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Nov 26, 2014

Hole in the Wall in Century Mall Makati.

Last weekend, T and I went to Century Mall in Makati to get the personalized Ni Qua bag which I designed during Patty Laurel's blog launch (read my post about Come Waste Your Time With Me).  I wasn't sure where the Ni Qua pop store was so we tried asking people and the elevator lady told us to check the 4th floor.  The Ni Qua pop up store wasn't on that floor but I'm glad we ended up there and saw this new place called Hole In The Wall.  

T and I went inside and were surprised with what we saw!

Nov 23, 2014

The New Commercenter Alabang Cinemas.


I don't know if other people from Alabang feel the same way but this is such a big deal to me.  I remember when we only had two cinemas in Alabang, hence the name, Twin Cinemas.  Then came Alabang Town Center and we had two more.   It's been like this for a number of years, or probably even a decade, until the new Commercenter Alabang Cinemas.

Patty Laurel's Blog Launch: Come Waste Your Time With Me.

Last week, Patty Laurel had a relaunch of her blog "Come Waste Your Time With Me" through an intimate gathering with friends at Shine Bakery in SM Aura.  The blog is still housed at www.pattylaurel.com but now carries a new look. The color scheme is much simpler but prettier and has come a long way since the "Da Patty" days, earning the hashtag #nenenomore.

I've known Patty since high school and what I like most about her blog is that, like her, it's real.  People who read her blog and see my Instagram photos with Patty all ask me the same thing.. Is Patty how she is in her blog?  Well, if you find her super nice, down-to-earth, funny, and kenkoy by the way that she writes.. That's Patty in real life.   No pretense,  no nothing.  That's really how she is.  And I always tell people that I admire Patty for staying grounded even after all the fame and attention her beauty and talent (may bayad na to Patty!:D) have brought her.  But seriously, that's a rare trait seen in people nowadays and is totally worth mentioning.

Want a trivia about Patty in high school? In her blog, I know she talks about her bloopers and the nickname DAPAtty because she would always trip.  But I don't think she has ever wrote about how she was crowned as our Prom Queen!  Been trying to find a photo of us this whole week but no one has been successful in searching their baul.  But when I get ahold of one, I'll post it as  TBT pic for all you Patty Laurel fans out there ;) 

Anyway, back to the blog launch...

Nov 22, 2014

SuperModelMe Season 5 Returns to DIVA Universal.

Feisty Filipinas Irish Ong, 20, and Jasmine Ng, 21, are among this year’s roster of finalists for SupermodelMe – The Original Asian Supermodel Series – which follows 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage competing in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance their career in the fashion industry. Ong and Ng appeared in Manila’s Cav Wine Shop and CafĂ©, alongside fellow finalists, Brazilian-Japanese twins Rafaella and Gabriela Leonardo. 

Nov 21, 2014

Anniversary (part 4): Lunch at Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant.

...continued from part 3: The One Bedroom Suite in One Tagaytay Place

I love those hidden restaurants in the Tagaytay/Silang area and Chateau Hestia has always been on my list of places to visit.  However, our plans to go never push through, so this year, we decide to have our anniversary lunch there.

Because it's sort of a hidden place, the question most asked is how to get to Chateau Hestia.  Coming from the Sta Rosa exit, turn right.  As you drive by, look for a sign that says 'To Chateau Hestia' on your right then turn there. There will be more signs along the road so just follow them and you won't get lost.   After around ten to fifteen minutes drive, slow down and you'll see this door.   You have arrived at your destination.

Nov 19, 2014

Anniversary (part 3): The One Bedroom Suite in One Tagaytay Place.

...continued from part 2: Dinner at Morielli's Restaurant in Tagaytay

After dinner, T and I head to One Tagaytay Place where we are retiring for the night.  I wrote about this hotel before (read my blog post about One Tagaytay Place) but this time, we are staying in a bigger room.  Actually, T and I only booked a Deluxe Double Room but our friend JR Francisco, who owns the hotel, upgraded us to a One Bedroom Suite.  Thank you J!

The One Bedroom Suite has a receiving area which has its own TV set...

Nov 18, 2014

Anniversary (part 2): Dinner at Morielli's Restaurant in Tagaytay.

...continued from part 1: The Bathhouse at Qi Wellness Living

After our massage at Qi Wellness Living, T and I are still full from the meal we had before going up Tagaytay.  But I usually get hungry in the middle of the night so T said we should get something light to eat before heading to our hotel.

We look around while on the road until we see this restaurant called Morielli's.  It looks casual but cozy enough plus T and I are in the mood for Italian food so this place is perfect..  Or so we thought.

Nov 17, 2014

Anniversary (part 1): The Bathhouse at Qi Wellness Living Tagaytay.

I always prefer going out of town for birthdays and anniversaries but with my schedule and workload,  flying somewhere is out of the question.  Our go-to place in situations like this?  Tagaytay!

It's perfect since it's just a little bit over an hour's drive but far enough to feel that we are not in the Metro.  And since T and I are so used to going to Tagaytay, it doesn't require much planning or effort.   In fact, this is also where I spent my birthday this year (read my blog post about My Post-Birthday Day Trip to Taal Volcano).  

Nov 16, 2014

Under Armour Opens in SM Megamall!

A few months after launching its first-ever Southeast Asia brand store in Bonifacio High Street, the US-based performance footwear and apparel brand Under Armour continued its momentum in the market with the recent opening of the new store in SM Megamall. The launch was attended by high profile celebrities and fitness enthusiasts, all ready to welcome Under Armour’s expansion in the country with an afternoon of jam-packed activities. Included in the prestigious guest list are One FC Fighter Brandon Vera, US Olympian for Volleyball David McKenzie, and Vice Mayor Francis Zamora.

Nov 13, 2014

Recovery Food Now in Alabang!

Places that are open 24 hours in Alabang are hard to come by so the choices I'm left with are usually just fast food joints.   This is the only complaint I have about living in the South because my appetite gets bigger as the day ends (I eat full dinners twice or even thrice at night!).    But recently, more and more 24 hour restaurants are popping up in the area.. The latest being Recovery Food, 24/7 All Day Everyday in Molito!

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