Sep 1, 2014

Tus Restaurant in Westgate Alabang.

I've always been hesitant to go to blogger events or join blogger networks because: 1) I don't really consider myself a real blogger because I just keep Joei & Me as a diary of things I love and 2) I've heard and read lots of horror stories in blogger circles and that's the last thing I need as my day job (as much as I love it) is stressful enough.

But having met Jane of Sugar Go Spice and Mish of Momma N Manila changed all that.  They are known bloggers in their circles but they're super down-to-earth and whenever we hang out, I feel like I've known them forever.  Also in this new group of ours called ABC is Patty of Mrs C's Sugar Coated Life, a schoolmate from La Salle.  The best part?  We all live in the same village so it's easy to relate to all of the kwentos and we have the same views about things.  This is something I've learned to value throughout the years, especially during those times I supposedly said the "wrong thing" or was misunderstood because of something I said.  With the ABC girls, I don't have to explain.  They totally get me and the things I say.

The reason for this long introduction is because in my next posts, you'll probably see a lot of Jane, Mish, Patty, and our significant others. Like this brunch treat Jane arranged for us at Tus Restaurant in Westgate Alabang.

Aug 31, 2014

The Great Mooncake Bake Off Year 2.

It's the second year of The Great Mooncake Bake Off and Lucky Chinatown is calling all talented bakers to join their contest.  You can win round trip domestic plane tickets and up to P20,000 cash!  To join, contestants can download an application form at   Applications must be in by 5pm on September 2.    

But if you're not joining, you can just watch the bake-off on September 5 around 3pm at the Lucky Chinatown Atrium.

Aug 22, 2014

Flying Trapeze Philippines in Bonifacio Global City.

When I posted a photo of me swinging upside down in the air on Facebook and Instagram, a lot of people asked me what I was doing.  When I told them that I took a flying trapeze class, the reaction I mostly got was, "Excuse me? Say that again?"

Yes, flying trapeze.  Like the circus act.  I have always wanted to try one of those and now through Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP), the first and only full size flying trapeze rig in the country, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream!

A flying trapeze class is 2 hours long with a maximum of 10 students.   I posted the exact address of Flying Trapeze in Fort below but if you know where Mercato is, the site is just beside that.

Here's a video of me "flying".

Aug 21, 2014

Meet Vitress' #SexyBeautiful Endorsers and Find the Best Vitress Product For Your Hair.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of the new faces of Vitress.  But before that, let's go through the different Vitress products first.

My sister and I have always been Vitress users but honestly, I never knew which product to use.  So here's a guide to the different variants that they offer:

Aug 20, 2014

Baguio Country Club's Famous Raisin Bread and Banana Bread Are Now Available in Manila!

Baguio Country Club's raisin bread is one of my top three favorite things ever, EVER.   But because Baguio is so far away, I only get to taste this when I go there once a year or when my thoughtful "little sister" Misty Zara gets me a loaf or two during her family vacations (which was quite often back in the day).

In the recent years, however, I can only crave and dream about this raisin bread since I don't go to Baguio anymore and neither does Misty.  That is, until I heard that THE raisin bread is now available in Metro Manila!  At first I thought it was just some hoax or a copycat but when I asked Tempura Japanese Grill if the rumors were true, they confirmed that their raisin bread and banana bread are the authentic ones from Baguio Country Club.  I could just die of happiness!

Aug 19, 2014

Pink Wasabi by Chef Anna Chua.

Before I left for Hong Kong, Mama Jane of Sugar Spice & Everything Nice dropped off some treats from her friend Chef Anna Chua of Pink Wasabi.

Of course, I'm super low EQ when it comes to sweets so as soon as I got home, I opened the green box.  At first, I thought it was mochi.   Apparently, they're called  Rainbow Profiteroles which is Pink Wasabi's version of cream puffs.  I like the chocolate-flavored one the best!

They come in four sizes: 

Box of 4 (P155) 
Box of 6 (P195)
Box of 12 (P360)
Box of 15 (P 428)

Aug 18, 2014

The Launch of TW Steel's New Slim Collection.

Dutch brand TW Steel is known for its oversized watches but it raises the bar by unveiling the newest addition to its roster of bold and elegant time pieces, the TW Steel Slim Collection.  The grand Manila launch was held at Black Sheep, W Fifth Avenue in Bonifacio Global City under the theme #WhyNotBoth, a campaign that highlights three personalities in the social scene who have successfully balanced a multifaceted life: Nico Bolzico, Sebastian Ripoll, and James Younghusband.

Aug 17, 2014

Max's Pinoy-Style Fried Chicken and the New Chicken Dips.

Since I was little, I've always loved Max's Restaurant.  And even now that I'm older, T and I still eat at Max's every once in a while, especially when they had the chicken-all-you-can promo a couple of years back.  Oh, that was crazy!

Aug 14, 2014

Boracay (part 2): Two Season's Bar Lo and The Famous Oyster Sisig.

...continued from Part 1: Two Seasons Resort.

Since I have a lot of travel posts in my drafts folder, I'll just publish one every so often for Throwback Thursday.   This is my birthday trip to Boracay last year.  I wrote this piece for a travel writing class I took at Gotham Writers New York so you might find it a bit different from my usual blog posts :)

Aug 13, 2014

Product Review: Bio Oil, The #1 Scar and Stretch Mark Remover.

Before I left for the States, Bio Oil Philippines sent me a 60ml bottle. Since my skin reacts whenever there is a change in temperature or humidity, I need a product that would help me counter that. So, I brought Bio Oil with me.

Bio Oil is an overall skin care product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin.  But when I asked them if it can act as a moisturizer, they said yes since Bio Oil is also good for skin rehydration. 

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